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When to Do a Manicure

When to Do a Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Manicures are an excellent way to treat yourself and pamper your nails and hands, and test out new nail polish trends without making a commitment.

Manicure procedures involve deep cleaning, exfoliation and lotioning of your nails in order to promote healthier nails and skin as well as avoid hangnails.

1. Sundays

On a recent rainy afternoon, I visited sundays Studio (NYC), the non-toxic nail salon recently established within Saks Fifth Avenue’s Wellery section. This health and wellness-inspired space, offering guided meditation classes as well as 42 non-toxic polishes in hues ranging from milky blush pink to black glitter glitter, provided vegan nail care products as well as guided meditation classes as part of their commitment to provide stress relief and focus. sundays Studio pioneered meditation-manicure combination treatments as part of its dedication towards health and wellbeing – great success indeed.

4. Wednesdays

Cutting nails on Wednesdays is believed to improve one’s financial circumstances and enhance an individual’s intelligence.

Some poskim advise not cutting ones nails on Thursday due to them growing three days before Shabbos and thus diminishing its significance; however, Mishna Berurah 260:6 notes that one may cut one’s fingernails and toenails on Thursday with no harm being done to Shabbos honor. Brush a thin but even coat of color over every nail or toenail before waiting 8-10 minutes sitting still to allow it to set properly before continuing your day’s activities.

5. Thursdays

On Thursdays we honor Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi by cutting nails or hair for religious reasons, according to tradition. According to folklore, disrespecting them could bring uncountable problems into ones’ life.

Customarily, one should wait 48 hours after cutting nails 48 hours prior to Shabbos before cutting them again as this causes them to grow back out, thereby diminishing its honor (Mishnah Berurah 260:6). However, if it becomes necessary prior to Friday for cutting to take place then Thursday should suffice as an acceptable day of cut nails.

6. Fridays

Friday nail trimming can be beneficial as Venus (Shukra) represents art and unconditional spiritual love; additionally, cutting nails on this day increases one’s chance of travel and meeting someone important.

At the same time, getting your nails done on Saturday could cause mental instability and lead to wealth loss; thus it’s wise to avoid this day of the week for this purpose. Furthermore, cutting nails on Sunday can affect an individual’s self-confidence; therefore it is recommended that nails are cut during waxing moon cycles instead.

7. Saturdays

Time was, manicure meant swiping basic polish across your nails; but today the industry offers much more diverse choices. From gels and press-on nails, to DIY solutions and press-on extensions, we consulted a celebrity manicurist on when to book an appointment that will last. According to her expert advice, one to two days before an important event (though this varies based on salon and product choice) are ideal times for booking an appointment that will last.

8. Sundays

Sundays Studio, part of Saks “Wellery” health-and wellness-inspired pop-ups, not only offers vegan & non-toxic nail services but has also pioneered a Guided Meditation Manicure combination that can increase focus and confidence. Celebrity manicurist Mazz Hannah recommends booking pre-wedding day manicure appointments one or two days prior to first event; then let them dry overnight so you’re ready for whatever the day may bring! Read on for more.

When to Do a Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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