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Where Can I Get a Russian Manicure?

Where Can I Get a Russian Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

Where Can I Get a Russian Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

Russian manicures are increasingly becoming a trendy nail treatment to improve nail health, with its benefits including long-wearing polish (up to four weeks of protection from chipping or peeling), healthy cuticle growth and enhanced nail health.

However, it can be time-consuming and requires special training and sterile equipment – so it is wise to seek professional services who specialize in this technique.

Beauty by Aidana

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TikTok videos and Instagram pictures posted by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner have brought the e-file manicure trend into widespread awareness, yet dermatologists warn it could pose serious risks for your nails. As per the American Academy of Dermatology’s explanations, cutting the cuticle could potentially cause infection.

To minimize risk, be sure your technician is highly skilled at the procedure and works in an environment which uses hospital-grade sanitizers on each client. Also important is scheduling follow up visits with your manicurist so they can ensure the eponychium has healed correctly; usually this specialized manicure lasts three or four weeks depending on your rate of nail growth.

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Russian manicures can look stunning when done properly. But this controversial practice involves cutting cuticles with electric nail drills or pushing them back with tools, which may lead to infections and brittleness of nails, according to doctors. Therefore, if you wish to experience one yourself, make sure your salon carefully considers your risks before selecting them as your venue and read reviews prior to making your choice.

Kendall Jenner made waves when she unveiled pictures of her new tortoiseshell nails, drawing attention to their impeccable cuticle area and cleanliness. After conducting some research online, it became evident that Kendall’s manicurist used an ancient Russian manicure technique.

Kamola Malikova, co-founder of Minx Nails in Los Angeles, only hires nail technicians who have graduated from Profi Nails, an academy that specialises in Russian manicures. Furthermore, all tables and tools used are thoroughly sterilized using hospital grade disinfectants – providing customers with stunning manicures that last much longer than traditional gel or acrylic options.

The Nail Bar

Russian nail technicians employ a different method known as E-file manicure that doesn’t involve water-soaking and cuticle pushing or cutting; their unique E-file manicure helps extend product longevity while avoiding product lifting, nipping, cuticle inflammation or cracking.

Results are clean and long-term, allowing polish to reach all corners of the nail bed. No wonder it has taken off on TikTok with over 625 million views and thousands of fans swearing by it – but at a steep cost: in New York City alone a specialized Russian manicure costs $750–more than double what an ordinary manicure costs!

Russian manicures look incredible–but this controversial nail trend comes with health risks for your nails. A Russian manicure can damage natural cuticle structures and lead to infection; so it is imperative that only professional nail technicians perform it. Here are three places in New York offering great-looking Instagram-worthy manicures:

The Nail Studio

Salons offering Russian manicures in the US are becoming increasingly popular. Social media has caught onto this nail trend and made a serious statement about it: Google now shows that searching ‘Russian manicure near me‘ is one of the top searches, while TikTok shows nails so flawless that they almost appear photoshopped. Kendall Jenner herself posted a video demonstrating this trend, calling it “the absolute best manicure I’ve ever experienced”.

But be wary before running out to indulge in one of these manicures; they require special training. Malikova reports that her shop only hires nail technicians who have graduated from Profi Nails, an institution dedicated to Russian manicures, as well as those who undergo three-phase disinfection and sterilization processes aimed at keeping nails healthy; no acrylics or toxic gel polishes are used here; their approach has won them many loyal customers.

Where Can I Get a Russian Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
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