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Which Manicure is Best?

Which Manicure is Best?, Montreal Manicure

Are You Searching for Upgraded Manicure Options? There are various choices when it comes to upgrading your manicure; which option would best serve?

Winter calls for warm and rich tones that exude luxury. Consider opting for metallic green hues reminiscent of newly opened leaves to transition seamlessly from winter into spring. This look can last the whole way through.


Acrylic nails are created from a mixture of powder polymer and liquid monomer mixed into a dough-like consistency that can be molded onto nails by nail artists using skills and techniques honed over time to craft stunning acrylic manicures. As their combination of chemicals can produce harmful fumes, it is recommended that manicures take place at locations with adequate ventilation systems for best results.

Nail technicians can shape acrylic nails using various methods, such as using fake nail tips or forms to achieve longer nails and adding color and glitter for designs that reflect your personality. With regular fill-in appointments focused on cuticle regrowth and lifting, these manicures should last six to eight weeks with proper care taken at the cuticles and cuticles.

As they can peel easily, it’s important to moisturize hands regularly with hand moisturizer and cuticle oil and keep a mini nail file handy in your bag should any chipping or cracking occur while out and about. Nail technicians recommend keeping an extra mini file in case any chipping occurs as they travel.


Shellac gel polish was developed by CND (Creative Nail Design). This hybrid nail color and long-wear gel manicure offers shine with longevity for an impressive manicure.

Shellac manicures typically involve applying three coats–two color and one top–and curing each time with UV light. According to Dunne, shellac is best described as an “authentic natural-feel manicure.”

Another advantage of shellac manicures is that they last about two weeks, Dunne notes. “And it’s incredibly durable.” You’ll know it’s time for new mani when your nails start chipping or lifting; shellac also removes more easily than other gel products; however, frequent removal could weaken nails over time without professional assistance – hence why cuticle oil should always be included as part of any appointment plan.

Soft Gel

Soft gel manicures are soak-off gel polishes designed to last up to two weeks and offer zero dry time and chip-free nails without adding strength. Removal with acetone is simple – even the longest soft gel manicures don’t add strength!

Sculpted gel manicures are ideal for those with natural nails with some length. This process uses a form under each nail to sculpt it into shape, but requires additional upkeep than other manicures (similar to Shellac manicure). They typically last three weeks but should always be professionally removed for optimal results.

Polygel manicures offer the ideal blend of strength and flexibility without being detrimental to natural nails when properly applied by professionals. A great solution for active lifestyles.

Hard Gel

Hard gel also protects and promotes nail growth, but has more strength. According to Kandalec, hard gel “can withstand greater pressure without cracking as easily–though even if it does crack, the damage caused may be less serious than acrylic”.

Hard gel can be applied over a gel nail form or tip (those cone-like stickers found at nail salons), directly onto natural nails using a special gel brush, or placed into an LED or UV light to cure. Once set, further shaping and coloring may take place before curing has taken place.

Finding a nail technician who knows how to apply and remove hard gel correctly is of utmost importance, as improper curing can damage natural nails. A manicure with hard gel typically lasts up to one month before needing fill-in services are needed – though Yankee and Reynosa suggest three weeks is optimal. Hard gel also lends itself well for nail art designs thanks to its malleability; creating stunning designs takes just moments with this versatile material!

Which Manicure is Best?, Montreal Manicure
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