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Which Manicure is Best For Your Nails?

Which Manicure is Best For Your Nails?, Montreal Manicure

Which Manicure is Best For Your Nails?, Montreal Manicure

Finding the ideal manicure can be challenging, but so long as you visit an experienced nail technician and only choose healthy polishes, your nails should be safe no matter which style you select.

Are You Searching For An Everyday or Long Lasting Manicure? I consulted experts to get their best tips.

Basic Manicure

A basic manicure typically comprises two coats of classic colors with topcoat to protect the finish and extend their longevity for approximately one week before it chipping off due to inadequate quality polish.

Many choose the French manicure because of its ease and maintenance requirements. Nails must first be cleaned, trimmed and prepped prior to being polished with airbrushed or swiped-on color and finished off with a shiny top coat finish coat.

Sculpted nail, commonly known as’shellac‘ manicures take basic nail art to another level. Utilizing special products cured under UV lights that require no drying time at all, shellac manicures offer superior nail health during removal with its gentle formula softer than gel. Acetone removal keeps nails healthy during removal; shellac can last for three weeks; however this manicure can be one of the more expensive as well as taking over an hour in salon chair time.

Hot Stone Manicure

Hot stone manicures offer the ideal way to unwind. A pedicure involves placing warm, smooth stones — typically basalt rocks — onto and beneath feet in order to relax the muscles and stimulate pressure points on them. Furthermore, an experienced licensed pedicurist also performs this service, giving both foot and hand massages as part of this service.

Nail care with stones can be an ideal solution for anyone suffering from sore feet and hands due to stress, fatigue or physical activity. They can soothe aching muscles in feet and ankles while improving circulation.

As hot stone treatments can be dangerous if done incorrectly, it’s crucial that salons specialize in these treatments to ensure safety and sanitation. Without adequate training for massage therapists administering hot stone services, their hands could burn clients or cause irritations to their skin. It is also crucial that optimal temperature controls be utilized during hot stone manicure and pedicure services in order to keep temperatures within acceptable limits in order to prevent overheating of stones that might overheat and burn the skin.

Press-On Manicure

If you love the idea of having a manicure but are put off by its hassle of removal or chipped nails, press-on manicure could be just what’s needed. Available in an endless range of colors and styles to meet every nail length and shape preference imaginable, press-ons cause significantly less damage to natural nails than gel or acrylic manicures.

“Proper care can extend their lifespan up to two weeks, says Braelinn Frank of Olive & June, an all-natural and eco-friendly nail brand. For optimal results she advises using an alcohol prep pad (available with many press-on kits) for nail hygiene before applying press-ons.”

Kandalec emphasizes the importance of using hydrating cuticle oil and hand cream after removing press-on nails, since acetone can dry out the skin around your nails.

Gel Manicure

With bold, brilliant colors and metallics to select from, gel manicures offer you an expressive way to express yourself through nail art. No damage should occur as long as it is applied correctly and removed correctly, according to experts.

Dr. Adigun warns against picking at nail polish, as this can cause its colors to lift or even take layers off of natural nails, she notes. Additionally, picking allows water under your nail that may harbor bacteria or cause fungus infections.

Like with all manicures, professional manicurists should apply and remove gel polish for optimal results. In addition, use cuticle oil daily to keep nails hydrated and strong; this will reduce brittleness while encouraging growth of strong nails.

Which Manicure is Best For Your Nails?, Montreal Manicure
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