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Which Manicure is Best?

Which Manicure is Best?, Montreal Manicure

Which Manicure is Best?, Montreal Manicure

An impeccable manicure is more than just an indulgence for women; there are important health and hygiene reasons behind maintaining manicured nails.

Which manicure type should I choose? This guide can help you decide the most suitable mani-pedi treatment for you and your nails. We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic, shellac, gel, and basic polish treatments.


Acrylic nails are a timeless classic, and can be customized to achieve any look imaginable. Plus, they’re an excellent way to experiment with nail art or lengthen natural nails!

Pham describes the process as straightforward: A liquid and powder system combined into a dough-like texture is then applied directly onto your nails for air drying before being shaped and polished to shape and buff them to your specifications using hand tools or even drills – using tools with no signs of bacteria contamination is particularly crucial as it could lead to infections on natural nails.

Acrylic nails may outlive gel in terms of longevity, yet their hard and rigid surface makes them challenging to work with and may catch on surfaces. Furthermore, acrylics may damage natural nails if not filed and soaked properly in acetone for filing; an experienced nail salon should always be sought out in order to avoid damage and infections caused by acrylic nails.


Shellac offers the ideal natural-looking finish while being beneficial to your nails, designed to imitate real nails while being healthier than regular nail polish due to no needing to buff the surface. Unfortunately, shellac still requires soaking and acetone removal in order to be removed properly.

Those with fragile nails should try to steer clear of shellac or gel manicures in general as the UV lights used during curing can damage natural nails. Instead, daily cuticle oil treatments and at least twice-daily moisturizing with lotion should help.

Shellac manicures typically last shorter than gel manicures, making them perfect for busy individuals without time to wait around and wait for their nails to dry. Plus, their removal is much quicker as their coating breaks down quickly with the acetone in remover allowing quick removal.


When browsing a nail salon‘s menu, the first decision you need to make is between regular polish manicures or gel. From there, choose which colors you would like and if you feel adventurous enough add nail art or tips as extra options.

Gel manicures may be less damaging to nails compared to their polish counterparts if removed correctly, according to Gibson Tuttle from InStyle. Picking or peeling away the polish prematurely can weaken natural nail plates over time, she said.

Soaking nails in warm water is the safest way to remove gel, while using cuticle oil every day will promote strong natural nails. Additionally, take regular breaks between gel appointments, as your nail plate requires time to recover from being exposed to UV light (such as antibiotics). Finally, if taking medications that exacerbate UV sensitivity such as antibiotics – do not use gels.

Basic polish

No harm comes from getting a simple polish manicure; it can be quick, fuss-free and still give you that manicured look. A standard mani generally includes trimming, shaping and filing of nails as well as cuticle care and hand massage for ultimate relaxation.

Elle Gerstein, celebrity nail artist and imPRESS partner who works with Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez, recommends that those with healthy natural nails that have been trimmed to avoid splitting or breaking opt for a basic polish manicure as an easy and straightforward way to experiment with new colors or designs.

She recommends CND VinyLux manicure, a hybrid of gel and regular polish that “doesn’t require soaking in water,” for its long-lasting color that lasts up to 10 days without chipping or staining your nail bed.

Which Manicure is Best?, Montreal Manicure
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