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Which Manicure Lasts the Longest?

Which Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure

Gel polish, acrylics and dip powder nails can last two weeks depending on which option is selected; which one lasts the longest?

Experts assert that it all depends on how long and well-kept your manicure remains in effect, as well as your nail hygiene practices.

Gel Manicures

Gel manicures have taken the beauty world by storm, providing long-term alternatives to traditional nail polish. While their sleek and glamorous appeal are undeniable, there are some things that must be kept in mind when getting one to ensure the longest possible longevity of its effects.

Manicurists say the key to long-lasting gel manicures is avoiding picking or peeling at your nails, which could cause the gel to lift and crack, leading to an unattractive manicure. Furthermore, using high quality base and top coat as well as cuticle oil (such as Nail Inc’s Overnight Detox Nail Mask) are also key in order to keep nails healthy before and during the application of gel polishes.

Care must also be taken when taking off gel polish to prevent any possible damage to natural nails underneath. A professional is recommended in order to minimize accidental smudges or damages that might occur when taking the step yourself.

Acrylic Manicures

Acrylic nails offer instantaneous transformation, lasting for six weeks with proper upkeep. However, Lee recommends moisturizing nails twice or thrice daily with cuticle oil to keep them flexible and healthy.

Avoid harsh cleaning products as these may harm acrylic nails, while when doing household tasks like dish-washing it’s wise to wear gloves in case hot water causes your acrylics to lift off their beds.

Last but not least, it’s crucial that you refrain from nail biting or picking. Such habits can damage the longevity of acrylic nails as well as lead to infection, so if this habit cannot be broken try applying soothing hand cream daily over your nails and cuticles.

Dip Powder Manicures

Interested in trying dip powder manicures instead? Deborah Lippmann, manicurist and founder of her namesake nail care and color line recommends them for even longer wear: they feature “an adhesive made with cyanoacrylate (similar to Krazy Glue). As such, dip powder nails tend to last a bit longer.”

These nail enhancements are more resistant to lifting and chipping, hence their impressive two-week lifespan. This option is great for people who frequently work with their hands or don’t wish to have their nails redone every week.

Be sure to do your research before entering a salon for any treatments, as it’s unsanitary for technicians to dip their clients’ nails into an infected pot of powder for manicures; they should instead pour or brush the product directly onto your nails for better sanitary application. Furthermore, it is also wise to give your nails some rest from thick manicures on an ongoing basis as these can cause permanent damage if not properly removed.

Basic Manicures

Basic manicures are often considered the least damaging option; however, they still wear off quickly than other forms. They usually include nail cleaning, shaping and polish of your choice applied with thin layers. It’s recommended using quality base coat for optimal long-wear results; using thin layers may extend wear time further still. You could also try hard gel manicures such as CND’s Vinylux system which last two to three weeks with less damage compared to Shellac; they can even be removed at home via quick soak in acetone solution.

Acrylic nails are another popular style and offer durability and versatility, yet must be properly removed (ie: by soaking and professional removal). In order to remain natural-looking over time, fillings should take place every 2-3 weeks; similarly long-term use can thin the nails over time – so using polish remover without harmful benzophenones is key for healthy nails.

Which Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure
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