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Why You Shouldn’t Get a Manicure Before a Full Set of Nails

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Manicure Before a Full Set of Nails, Montreal Manicure

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Manicure Before a Full Set of Nails, Montreal Manicure

No longer do manicures merely involve applying basic polish onto freshly filed nails and covering it with top coat; nail techs now offer far more options.

Acrylic full sets are an increasingly popular option. Your nail tech will sand and shape your natural nails before applying a mixture of powder polymer and liquid monomer to form new fake ones.

1. Don’t wait too long

Making regular manicure appointments a top priority to ensure healthy, beautiful nails is essential in maintaining optimal health and appearance. But it’s essential not to wait too long between visits as your nails and cuticles may begin drying out and becoming jagged without proper moisturizer.

Manicures typically last two to three weeks depending on the type of manicure and how well your nails are cared for. Additionally, it’s essential that you visit a reputable salon with experienced manicurists that adhere to proper sanitation procedures.

Manicures are an ideal way to maintain healthy hands and nails and show off your unique personality, while simultaneously relieving stress levels and providing a luxurious pampering experience. Plus, many manicure treatments include massage components that promote blood circulation and can alleviate muscle tension.

2. Make sure your nails are healthy

Maintaining healthy nails is especially essential if you plan to get acrylic or gel nail extensions, which can strain natural nails over time and lead them to become brittle and thin.

To prevent this, be sure to consume a diet rich in vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and essential nutrients like iron and biotin which support strong nails. In addition, regularly massage cuticle oil into nails before sealing them with hand cream for extra hydration.

Take breaks from manicures. This will allow your nails to recover, and repair themselves more effectively. When getting manicures again, use a hydrating polish with plenty of nourishing ingredients – when doing so use gloves whenever possible; these measures will prevent your nails from drying out or becoming brittle.

3. Don’t get acrylics or gels

Acrylic nails may be popular, but improper application could prove damaging to natural nail health. Failure to properly prepare and reapply them regularly could also present issues for nail health.

Careless wearers of acrylic nails may cause them to lift or fall off, damaging nail beds and cuticles while leaving hands feeling dry and brittle.

Both gel and acrylic manicures can be damaging to natural nails if done incorrectly, so it is vitally important that you find an experienced nail technician to prepare the nails correctly for long-lasting application. Both styles should last two or three weeks with regular fill-in appointments necessary. To prolong their effectiveness further, drinking plenty of water as well as eating foods high in vitamins E, B6, and C will also be beneficial in keeping nails strong and healthy.

4. Don’t get a full set if you’re pregnant

Pregnancy involves many tradeoffs between your own comfort and that of the baby, including getting a manicure during this period. Though manicures might seem harmless, it is best to delay getting one until after birth.

Nail polishes and nail polish remover contain chemicals such as acetone that have been found to significantly impact reproductive system functioning, so it is vital that any manicure takes place in a well-ventilated room using non-acetone polish remover.

When attending a salon that provides hand massage, make sure that if they offer a pregnancy massage they are aware that certain pressure points could potentially trigger contractions and refrain from pressing on these spots. Furthermore, if they provide gel polish make sure it contains natural ingredients suitable for pregnancy use.

Some salons have recently begun offering “natural” or “diamond” manicures without acrylics or solar powder applications, if this sounds appealing to you it might be worth calling your favorite salon to see if they’re accepting new clients today.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Manicure Before a Full Set of Nails, Montreal Manicure
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