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2023 Nail Art Trends

2023 Nail Art Trends, Montreal Manicure

2023 Nail Art Trends, Montreal Manicure

No matter your nail art expertise or preference, exploring new designs can add flair and personality to any look. From Blake Lively’s “antique grandma wallpaper” nails to chic reverse French manicures, 2023 nail trends are well worth trying.

Textured Accents

No matter what style of nail you prefer – from minimalistic to highly embellished – there is an outfit or theme in 2023 nail trend for every mood and desire. Milky nudes with pink or silver highlights and chic textures adding dimension are popular trends this season, according to Elle Gerstein of A-list nail artist Elle Gerstein and Blake Lively recently described this trend as antique grandma wallpaper! For something less obvious try French tip manicure with light-blue cloud accents or seashell-inspired aqua blue hue for more subtle take.

Textured nails have taken over blogosphere and TikTok by storm thanks to celebrities like Hailey Bieber and LeChat Nails educator Hemi Park sporting them. The style features multiple textures encased within separate layers for dimension – decals, patterns, negative space etc all come into play here.

Holographic foil nails provide your nails with a prismatic surface that changes colors depending on how the light hits it, creating a striking aesthetic when combined with black triangles. This look can be worn either full-on or accent nail style and makes a bold statement!

Stitched Borders

If you like the negative space trend but aren’t ready to commit fully to nail art, consider opting for stitched borders as an alternative approach. Popular among celebrities and runway models alike, stitched borders add a modern edge to classic striping designs while complementing sleek matte top coats and chrome elements perfectly.

Florals are another effective way to add summery charm, making the floral manicure an elegant and feminine style that can be created either at home with a dotting tool or by visiting your local manicurist. You could even go one step further and add rhinestones for extra shine!

As temperatures heat up, Green anticipates that bold corals and pinks will return as part of her clients’ celebration of springtime festivities.

Optical Illusion

Textured accessories add texture and visual interest to a manicure, from reverse French manicures with glitter-laden cuticle bands to an elongated coffin red nail decorated with gold accents. Glitter remains popular as one of the main decorations this spring 2023; Blake Lively recently showed it off her Chinoiserie-inspired manicure that her nail artist described as an antique grandma wallpaper look! For something more luxurious add rhinestones or foil.

Hemi Park of LeChat Nails educators believes metallic finishes like chrome won’t disappear anytime soon either. She predicts subtle chrome will continue to make waves after Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails in 2022; she also anticipates a revival of past trends with unique variations such as floral, heart, dotty designs with matte top coat (ideal for short natural nails); Y2K slogans with butterflies over glossy white or frosted bases; plaid-inspired patterns with rhinestones etc.

Chrome Finishes

Chrome nail polish has quickly become one of the hottest beauty trends of 2023 and works with an array of manicure looks. Darker hues like deep lilac or black can take on new life when applied over your base coat before being painted, while light colors such as baby powder pink or white benefit from its reflective mirror effect for an enhanced manicure look.

TikTok and Instagram users often admire Haley Bieber’s various silver-tinted chrome French manicures; however, gold chrome nails can make just as striking an impression when worn alongside classic red-tipped French manis.

Nail art with 3D embellishments is also trending upward in 2023. This look can range from simple to maximalist; adding glitter or adhesive rhinestones over any color polish can add a luxurious feel; for something more refined add one diamond or pearl per nail, as demonstrated by professional nail artist Hang Nguyen on Instagram.

2023 Nail Art Trends, Montreal Manicure
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