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Different Types of Manicures

Different Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure

Different Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure

When it comes to nail beauty, there is a variety of manicures to choose from – soft gel to acrylic nails offer something special!

Gel manicures typically last up to one week before being easily removable using some acetone and cotton balls.

Basic Manicure

An essential step of any manicure is applying a base coat, applying one or two colors, and topping off with topcoat. A nail technician might also add cuticle oil for additional hydration around your nails to prevent hangnails and dryness.

Boost your manicure to the next level with CND’s VinyLux manicure polish. Engineered specifically for use on natural nail beds without harm or staining upon removal, its technology binds tightly without damaging or staining them upon application or removal.

Paraffin manicures utilize the application of melted paraffin wax on your hands, providing instantaneous moisture-infusing benefits and smoothing your skin. Perfect for those with rough or dry hands and can easily be performed at home; frequent paraffin manicures should help your nails remain healthy and beautiful.

French Manicure

A French manicure is a timeless look that works well with almost any attire. This popular nail trend involves applying a base coat of neutral or light pink nail polish followed by white polish on the tips – using freehand or tip guides can help achieve an even line.

Doing something different than white and pink can add an unexpected edge. Black and white nails are particularly striking and often used to create stripes, striking shapes like check marks or the yin-yang symbol, or combinations thereof.

Clear French tips offer another modern take on classic style that makes the experience fun and unique. Choose your colors carefully as this option gives your locks more vibrancy!

American Manicure

The American manicure ditches the bright white tips synonymous with French manicures in favor of more natural-looking nude or pink bases, making this style suitable for natural nails as well as acrylic or gel extensions. This style works equally well on natural nails as well as artificial ones like acrylic or gel extensions.

Remark suggests starting off by applying a clear base coat and coating your nails in beige or nude polish, using lighter hues on the tips for the accentuations of this technique.

Chaun Legend (responsible for Kylie Jenner’s manicure), Mei Kawajiri, and Betina Goldstein (who painted Margot Robbie’s 2023 Oscars nails) are among the many nail artists who rely on the subtle American manicure style. Perfect for ladies looking to extend the time between manicures as regrowth won’t be as apparent; its natural elegance makes this an elegant choice.

Brazilian Manicure

Many women struggle to attain the perfectly polished nails that nail technicians create at a salon, yet few realize that messy nail polish is actually a popular beauty trend that originated in Brazil!

A Brazilian manicure involves applying generous layers of polish to nails and surrounding skin, in order to completely cover both cuticle bed and nail bed for long-term color retention.

However, this technique should only be performed by licensed nail technicians as it requires skill and can lead to bacterial infections if done incorrectly. Be sure to ask if your technician has received special training in this method and uses sterilized equipment before beginning this treatment process.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic nails are artificial nails crafted by mixing liquid and powder together, applied directly to your natural fingernails for length and strength.

Acrylic nail mixture is applied using a brush and then hardened under UV light to harden and set. Once set, a top coat sealant seals in its color for long-term wear.

Acrylic manicures typically last two to four weeks before needing refilling every few weeks. Refills are essential, since the acrylic will slowly grow out and lift, damaging and lifting up your natural nails as it does so. To extend their longevity and prolong their lifespan even more, use daily hand moisturizer and cuticle oil, don’t bite your nails, and don’t bite off too many acrylics!

Different Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure
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