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How to Choose Between the Different Types of Manicures

How to Choose Between the Different Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure
How to Choose Between the Different Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure

How to Choose Between the Different Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure

No matter your preference – from quick manicures to elaborate nail art designs – salon manicures have something for every taste and budget. Continue reading to discover which type of manicure will best meet your needs.

Basic manicures usually involve applying nail polish, receiving a hand massage and trimming your nails, while more advanced services might include warm paraffin wax treatment to soften and moisturize the skin of the hands.

Basic Manicure

Once, a manicure was simply the application of traditional nail polish to freshly filed nails and completion with top coat. Today, women have more choices available to them when it comes to manicures than ever before.

Some nail technicians provide a gel manicure service that lasts longer and requires less upkeep. This process includes applying base and bond solutions, acrylic powder and liquid activator before curing under UV light; after curing, polish can easily be removed using traditional polish remover or cotton swabs.

An additional option for manicures is paraffin wax treatments, which involve immersing hands in warm melted wax that moisturizes skin while giving nails an intensive manicure treatment. Similar to nail-soaking methods used with more durable manicures, paraffin manicures may cost between $20 and $50.

Shellac Manicure

CND developed this innovative gel-and-polish hybrid that requires no drying time and lasts up to 14 days. While it resembles nail polish, its curing process under UV light ensures longer wear time, glossier appearance, and reduces chipping.

Shellac can be less damaging to natural nails than acrylics, yet still cause damage if filed or removed improperly (such as by trying to peel it off on your own at home). As it doesn’t allow your nails to breathe freely, keeping your hands moisturized between visits is recommended to maintain optimal nail health.

At any salon, Shellac manicure removal is simple. Simply file and soak nails in acetone and aluminum foil for 10 minutes for optimal removal – without risking damage to your nails (although for your own safety you should still seek professional removal if possible).

Luxury Manicure

Luxury manicures are an ideal option if you want a nail look that will last up to one week and include traditional polish painting service. However, these tend to take longer than other manicures and typically only available at high-end salons or spas.

This technique involves immersing your hands in an indulgent hand and cuticle treatment that can include exfoliation via scrubs or masks, hot mitts to push moisturizer into nails and skin, followed by hot mitts that work to push it further, as well as massage of hand and arm muscles.

Minimalist manicures have recently become popular as part of fashion’s concept of quiet luxury. This trend emphasizes clean lines and refined symmetrical nails finished off with transparent polish – an ideal way to experiment with color trends without making long-term commitments.

Nail Art

Nail art is an artistic way of painting, decorating or embellishing finger and toenails with color or designs. This technique may be done either on natural nails or artificial ones (known as extensions or enhancements).

Beginning by cleaning and exfoliating nails, then painting them with a base coat, color coat and top coat is applied for maximum effect.

There are various styles of nail designs you can create on the nails, from basic to highly imaginative and eccentric. Additionally, many different tools such as dotting tools, brushes and nail art pens may be utilized.

When choosing the appropriate manicure, it’s important to keep in mind your lifestyle, current trends and maintenance needs, budget and time constraints as well as desired goals. Once you understand what your goals are it will become easier to select the style best suited to you – though keep an open mind: you can always switch it up later!

How to Choose Between the Different Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure
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