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Nail Art Design Styles

Nail Art Design Styles, Montreal Manicure

Many people choose to add nail art when getting manicures or pedicures at a day spa or salon, because its designs can add flair and accent any outfit or celebration theme. Nail art can even express seasonal or holiday themes.

This look features multicolored chevrons and half-tipped nails – an easy and fun look perfect for summer travels to tropical locales.

Black and White

Black and white nails make a striking statement about one’s personality with their bold yet eye-catching nails. From polka dots to simple geometric patterns, there is sure to be something suitable for everyone in this bold trend.

If you love Gotham’s iconic bad girl, Harley Quinn, try sporting this iconic look with black-and-white stripes on each pinky finger of both hands and an adorable smiley face for added effect.

Matte-finished nails look stylish and sophisticated. The contrast between black and white allows the pattern to stand out, and moons painted onto each nail symbolize balance and the power of equilibrium, making this manicure ideal for anyone interested in astrology or believing in its benefits.

Create this look easily; all it requires is a black base and some gem accents for added flair. Perfect for casual or formal wear!

Red and White

Red nails can look chic, sophisticated, and feminine when combined with white nail art. The combination of bright red against stark white makes a striking and stylish contrast that works on various nail shapes and sizes from coffin to long stiletto nails. Or you could try dark red shades that resemble burgundy or even black for an moodier finish!

If you’re feeling romantic, opt for a pink and red love heart nail design – perfect for Valentine’s Day or any special event! This stunning pattern makes an excellent statement piece.

To showcase your quirky style, consider trying oversized red dots on a clear or white base as an eye-catching modern take on classic French manicure. It is an eye-catching alternative that adds character and character to nails; perfect for those who like changing up their look often and adds personality into nails. Also perfect for those who prefer more subdued color palettes as this look can be easier than more vibrant options!

Gold and Natural

If minimal is your style, add gold nail art to your natural nails for a chic yet simple DIY project at home. Dotting tools make this look so easy; or try something more creative like creating negative space where white tips would go before filling it with gold striping instead.

Take your manicure a step further by adding rhinestones or gems to one of your nails – an eye-catching idea for special events or occasions! This can give your manicure that extra something special.

If you want something simple yet luxurious, opt for this stunning silver ombre nail art design. This beautiful look works best with light taupe, pale pink, and beige nails and will suit every outfit perfectly.


Pineapples are sweet in both appearance and taste, making them an appealing design option for nail art. Nail tape can help make this look work by creating neat stripes that span most of each nail, with neutral colors for the remaining nails to let the pineapple artwork stand out more prominently.

This fabulous nail art design adds an innovative spin to the traditional French manicure. You can create this striking nail art design freehand or using stencils. Red and white color combination looks especially impressive in zigzag or chevron patterns.

This nail art design is ideal for spring and summer! The vibrant colors will brighten up any day while pairing nicely with all your summer dresses! Recreate this look using other fruits such as strawberries or watermelons if desired – creating this adorable nail design is so straightforward that it will give you all of the feels of a warm summer day!

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