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Shellac Manicure

Shellac manicures are UV cured gel polish manicures that feature over 100 colors to choose from and can last longer and be harder to chip than traditional polish.

But regular Shellac manicures can damage nails if not removed correctly, so it is essential to give them a break between treatments and apply cuticle oil as a nourishing cuticle treatment.


While gel polish and Shellac can provide long-term, attractive manicures, both can also cause damage to natural nails. According to Huber-Millet, “they do not allow your nail beds or cuticles to breathe”, making removal more challenging at home compared to professional. In order to minimise this damage it’s recommended that only professional Shellac manicures be performed – following proper removal techniques (tying cotton pads soaked in acetone around each nail and waiting 10 minutes) for professional removal methods at home may help.

CND Shellac stands out as an appealing gel product because of its brush-on application that feels more similar to regular nail polish than others on the market, wide selection of colors available and unique feature: creating tiny tunnels within its formula so acetone can quickly dissolve it away.

However, for optimal Shellac results it is advisable to use nourishing hand cream and stay away from hot water or liquids that could weaken its top coat and make it susceptible to chipping. Furthermore, nail art designs that cause excessive peeling or shifting should also be avoided to ensure long lasting Shellac application.

Easy to Apply

Shellac manicures allow for glossy show-stopping nails in minimal drying time while offering one of the most durable nail treatments available, resisting chipping, wear and tear.

Shellac can be applied like regular nail polish and the application process is quick. Once applied, it dries almost instantly and lasts up to 14 days without chipping or peeling.

Shellac gel polish differs from traditional gel options in that its hybrid formula contains more traditional nail polish ingredients – which means less thick application according to CND. This makes shellac more manageable for beginners.

If you want long-lasting manicures, choose a CND Shellac technician who has been trained and certified by the brand, understanding its application methods for applying, removing, and maintaining Shellac nails. Also avoid picking at your nails under shellac as this could weaken its layers resulting in potential breakages down the line.

Easy to Remove

If you don’t have professional nail technicians available to perform manicure removal for you, doing some preparation at home may save time in the salon and keep your nails protected from damage. Soak each finger in an acetone-soaked cotton pad before covering them securely with foil in order to stop too much acetone from evaporating too quickly.

Once acetone has penetrated your polish, it begins to break down its shellac layer, and you can use a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick to scrape off excess.

Shellac is tougher than regular polish and less likely to chip, though it still can if carelessness sets in. On the upside, its removal is far simpler than gel’s lengthy removal process, which often necessitates scraping away with nail files and can cause irreparable damage. Furthermore, shellac tends to last longer compared with long-term treatments like dip powder or bio-sculpture without chipping as easily.


Shellac can be applied and removed safely with minimal risk to nails if applied and removed correctly, however if you pick at your Shellac application it can remove layers of natural nail and make them weaker, increasing their susceptibility to breaking.

Nail artists typically apply a base coat, two layers of color and a topcoat before curing each layer under an LED light to set their polish. This treatment typically lasts 45 minutes and usually includes a hand massage at the end!

Gel polishes come in an impressive variety of hues compared to Shellac. If you’re looking to match your outfit or simply experiment with something different, choose gel instead.

One of the greatest things about a Shellac manicure is its ease of removal! Simply soak and file to complete this simple process – saving both time and energy during appointments! Plus, its use of acetone breaks down its formulation easily so you don’t damage your nails during application!

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