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Shellac Nails Vs Gel Nails

Shellac Nails Vs Gel Nails, Montreal Manicure

Shellac nails are generally easier on natural nails than gel polishes and can be removed more quickly. Furthermore, shellac requires less chemicals that could potentially cause brittleness or harm to the natural nail bed.

Shellac from CND is an innovative form of nail polish that combines the advantages of gel (nail protection and wear) with traditional polish (color and shine). There are 132 colors currently available at verified salons.

1. Easy Application

Shellac nail polish combines the advantages of both gel and regular polish to give your nails an incredible makeover that dries in under two minutes and lasts up to 14 days without chips, with easy application by certified nail technicians.

Shellac can chip if not applied correctly or on dry or cracked nails; but with proper care taken when biting or picking at them, your Shellac manicure will remain beautiful for an extended period.

Shellac manicures are more kind to your nails than gel ones; gel manicures require extensive soaking and filing that may damage natural nails, while removal without harsh acetone can be challenging and time consuming – but shellac can easily be removed in salon or added quickly as part of an economical manicure or pedicure treatment plan.

2. Long Lasting

Shellac polishes offer long-term wear, similar to gel nails; both require curing with UV light for the best results. Shellac can last for 14 days with proper care or even longer!

Shellac nails may also be less damaging to natural nails than acrylic and gel manicures due to being direct polish and less abrasive. However, shellac should still be left to a professional as doing it yourself can result in picking off and peeling of the polish from your nail beds.

Be mindful that Shellac, like any polish or gel manicure, will eventually chip with overuse of hands and nails, as both require removal with acetone which dries out cuticles making them weak and more brittle over time. Therefore it is wise to utilize cuticle oil containing vitamins and Omega fatty acids in order to keep cuticles supple and healthy looking.

3. Variety of Colors

Shellac nails often cause confusion over their purpose and how they differ from gel manicures, yet most nail enthusiasts use the term Shellac loosely as an umbrella term to refer to all forms of gel nail services offered at any salon.

While both types of manicures look amazing on any nail, it is essential to understand their differences so you can make an informed decision when booking an appointment at your local nail salon. Both gel and Shellac nails have their own set of advantages and disadvantages – the decision ultimately rests with you!

Gel and Shellac nails offer long-term and durable solutions. Both options provide a range of vibrant colors to choose from and can last up to one month without being peeled off, providing special care is taken in maintaining them – this includes avoiding harsh chemicals as well as not scrubbing nails too harshly! It is also essential that cuticles remain moisturized using products like Varnish Lane Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Oil ($28) and Lippmann Hydrating Cuticle Pen ($24).

4. Easy Removal

Shellac nails can be less damaging to your nails than traditional gel and acrylic manicures; however, as with all options for manicures they come with both advantages and disadvantages.

Seney warns that regular Shellac manicures can damage nails if you fail to take steps such as properly removing them and giving your natural nails time to rest between treatments. Furthermore, UV lamps used to cure the polish could pose additional dangers that are detrimental to their wellbeing.

As long as you visit a professional nail technician for Shellac application and removal, they shouldn’t cause major damage. But attempting to take this task upon yourself could result in severe nail damage; leaving this task up to them would be best in terms of maintaining healthy nails between manicures. However, there are plenty of nail polish removers such as Varnish Lane Nail & Cuticle Remover available which can assist in keeping them looking their best between visits to a nail technician.

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Shellac Nails Vs Gel Nails, Montreal Manicure
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