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Shellac Pedicure Near Me

Shellac Pedicure Near Me, Montreal Manicure

Shellac is a hybrid polish made of half gel and half traditional nail polish that brushes on like traditional polish before setting under UV light.

Seney states that having them applied and removed by a professional nail technician won’t cause your nails any damage; picking at them yourself or trying to peel them off yourself could strip layers of keratin off your nails and damage their structure.


Shellac nail polish stands the test of time: 14 days without chips or peeling away by itself! Plus, professional salon nail techs will handle the removal process without risk to your nails (providing you don’t pick or peel yourself!).

Shellac’s secret lies in its unique combination of half-gel and regular polish layers; this allows each to bond together seamlessly for an in-salon manicure that lasts. When the time comes to remove it, CND has developed a non-acetone nail polish remover which won’t harm natural nails like traditional acetone does.

Regular Shellac manicures can still take their toll on your nails if they are performed without sufficient preparation. Applying cuticle oil twice daily and moisturizing hands regularly will help to keep nails healthy, making them less vulnerable to damage caused by manicures. Furthermore, taking breaks between each appointment will allow your nails to rest.

Easy to Maintain

Shellac nail polishes offer the best of both gel and regular nail polishes, making it the ideal solution for busy people with its ability to last several weeks without chipping. Plus, the amazing selection of colors make choosing Shellac even easier; plus there’s the possibility of getting one that includes nail art!

To keep your Shellac manicure looking its best, proper care must be taken. This includes regular hand moisturization and wearing gloves when performing housework; additionally, excessive sunlight exposure could dry out your nails and diminish their beauty.

At home, it is wise to avoid picking off your Shellac manicure yourself as this could damage the top layers of your nails and skin. Instead, cuticle oils such as Varnish Lane Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Oil or Lippmann’s Hydrating Cuticle Oil Pen may help soften and hydrate nails before taking steps to remove this product, thus protecting both from its harsh acetone effects.


Are You Familiar With Gel and Acrylic Manicure Options? Shellac Manis Provide 14 Day Wear

Shellac nails differ from traditional gel manicures by being applied directly to your natural nail beds without needing chemical bonding agents or glues; its unique formula simply needs to be painted like polish and lasts weeks without chipping – only needing changing when new growth emerges.

For optimal Shellac manicure results, always visit a salon that has been certified and trained by CND. This will ensure your nail pro knows all the required application and removal procedures to protect the health of your natural nails. It should also be noted that while gel nails may be removed at home using acetone, professional removal of Shellac nails is much faster and simpler.


Shellac is an innovative hybrid gel-polish formula that lasts weeks without chipping. Cured under ultraviolet lighting to harden and add color, Shellac resembles traditional nail polish in appearance – simply apply two coats of the OPI shellac gel polish you select from CND Manicurists before finishing up with topcoat buffed to smooth them and the manicure complete.

Experienced CND shellac nail pros are essential in order to receive the 14-day flawless wear promised by CND. Additionally, professional know how to soak off shellac in such a way that preserves nail health – an important consideration when selecting a salon. In addition to these measures, use cuticle oil and regular hand moisturizer to keep nails healthy so they do not become dry and brittle before getting a shellac manicure done.

Shellac Pedicure Near Me, Montreal Manicure
Shellac Pedicure Near Me, Montreal Manicure
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