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Types of Manicure Polish

Types of Manicure Polish, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicure Polish, Montreal Manicure

There are various varieties of manicure polish available today, ranging from classic nail varnish to acrylic, gel, and dip powder options – giving you plenty of choices for your next manicure experience.

Basic manicure services typically involve having your nails trimmed, buffed, cuticle tended to, standard nail polish applied and your hands massaged.

Basic Manicure

At one time, visiting the nail salon involved little more than choosing your polish color and debating whether airbrushed acrylics were right for you. Now there are more choices available, and finding one that best matches your lifestyle, budget and nails requires thoughtful consideration.

Basic manicures involve using lacquer that is easily removable with regular nail polish remover, and typically include shaping, cuticle maintenance and applying three coats of color with two basecoats and topcoats. They may not be the longest-wearing or cost-efficient extensions techniques available but their low costs make it worth while.

Shellac manicures utilize a gel base that’s quickly cured under special lighting, offering an infinite variety of colors. Similar to regular manicures but more durable and lasting up to three weeks longer. Furthermore, this style is easier than others for removal without damaging natural nails if done so safely, according to CND.

Acrylic Manicure

An acrylic manicure is a combination of liquid and powder applied to tips and natural nails to give them the appearance of long and beautiful nails. It is commonly utilized by women who desire a specific nail shape; additionally, it helps stop biting nails from biting back at them! An acrylic manicure usually lasts three to four weeks before returning for fill-in appointments at your salon.

If not performed by a trained nail technician, this type of manicure can cause irreparable damage to natural nails. Furthermore, removal typically involves filing and soaking in acetone – processes which can be especially taxing on cuticles and nails alike.

Shellac, a long-wear gel polish that’s cured under UV lighting, provides another viable option to acrylics that’s less harmful for nails compared to acrylics, as removal doesn’t involve filing and soaking nails with acetone. When choosing a nail salon that specializes in shellac application it is crucial that it has an impeccable cleanliness reputation as bacteria can spread rapidly across bare nails.

Gel Manicure

A gel manicure involves applying polish that has been “cured” under UV or LED lights to seal it and protect the nails from chipping or smudging, with fast drying times and long-lasting formula.

Shellac manicures, popularized by CND and featuring its 14-day wear gel polish, are one of the most widely utilized forms of gel manicures. Brush-on or extender application methods may be used depending on which technique is chosen; for the latter technique, this nail color must adhere well.

As long as it’s applied and removed by a qualified technician, nail polish has minimal effects on natural nail health. To maintain proper nail care after removal, however, cuticle oil should still be used regularly to keep nails hydrated and protect them against peeling or weakness in subsequent days.

Dip Powder Manicure

Dip powder nails resemble gel nails in that they do not require UV light to set. In a deluxe dip manicure, your nail technician will apply a clear base coat followed by an opaque colored powder on your fingernails for you to “dip” into before brushing off excess and applying top coat to set, according to Joy Terrell from Powder Beauty Co. in Los Angeles.

Results can include a manicure that lasts approximately one month; while they may be more durable than regular polish, there’s no indication they are better for your nails.

Mona Gohara, MD warns that chemical compounds found in dip powders can corrode natural nails over time. She further emphasizes the risk for infection when visiting non-spa nail salons as the color powder is mixed together in one pot which makes it easy for bacteria to spread from one client to another.

Types of Manicure Polish, Montreal Manicure
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