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Types of Manicure Shapes

Types of Manicure Shapes, Montreal Manicure
Types of Manicure Shapes, Montreal Manicure

For nails that exude sophistication and fashion-forwardness, try opting for the squoval shape. This part-oval, part-square design softens sharp edges while looking equally impressive on short or long nails.

Coffin nails (commonly referred to as ballerina tips) offer an eye-catching, dramatic nail shape perfect for those who appreciate bold looks with nails that won’t break easily, making this style ideal for ladies who love wearing nail art.


The round nail shape is timeless and versatile; perfect for subtly lengthening shorter fingers and narrower nail beds while looking great with any polish color!

Oval nails are timeless classics. This shape helps lengthen short fingers with wide nail beds while flattering hands with long, slim fingers. Furthermore, oval nails pair beautifully with French manicure or nail art!

Almond nails resemble oval nails in shape but feature more tapered tips at their free edge, creating an elegant appearance for women who like a polished appearance.


Square nails are not only stunning and fashionable; they’re also practical and ideal for people who work with their hands as they’re less prone to breakage, according to Lin. But maintaining square shapes requires extra maintenance – specifically filing in order to achieve that’square’ effect, according to her.

Square-shaped nails are typically associated with being strong and assertive, making an impression when worn with vibrant colours. Additionally, this shape works particularly well on people who have shorter nails or fingers since it helps elongate them visually.


Classic oval nails feature slim sides and tapering into a round peak at the free edge, elongating fingers while looking flattering on all. Additionally, oval nails are easy to maintain; Linn recommends filing straight across and then softening corners using nail files for an overall rounder appearance.

Similar to an oval but with square edges, squoval nails are easy to keep up as they lack sharp corners that catch on things. According to Dunne, filing too much will create an oval-squoval shape; file your nail straight line and soften corners after filing to achieve this look (note: this technique works on all shapes of nails).


The flare manicure shape, also referred to as Jersey nails, duck nails or wide-tip nails is becoming an increasingly popular trend for those with an adventurous aesthetic. These kitschy nail tips offer a bold statement against traditional beliefs that suggest nail tips should be tapered.

As an easy, low-maintenance style, oval manicure shapes suit all nail types – short to long and thin to thick fingers alike. This timeless shape has no pointed ends and won’t require frequent touch ups like other styles would. Another variation on this trend is called squoval which features slightly squared-off corners – this feminine and classy style works for all nail lengths making it one of the most popular women-centric manicure shapes today.


Ballerina nails feature tapered shapes with flat tips with rounded edges for an eye-catching appearance. Perfect for painting or embellishing with patterns, decals, gems or beach scenes inspired nail art; as well as references from popular books or movies!

Lettered nail art can be an easy and expressive way to show off your personal style. Choose anything that makes you smile, from generic words such as “smile” to your name or favorite brand – the possibilities are limitless!

Ballerina manicure shapes have become increasingly fashionable thanks to celebrity supporters like Cardi B, Dua Lipa, and Kylie Jenner who support them. These long nails offer chic sophistication for any event or season!

Types of Manicure Shapes, Montreal Manicure
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