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Types of Manicures

Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure

Your choice of manicure should depend on how you use your hands and the colors you prefer for your nails, though both acrylics and dip powders can look stunning and be durable options.

When receiving a dip manicure, ensure your nail tech uses their own individual pot to apply the color powder directly over your nails instead of sharing one pot that could become contaminated with bacteria.

White Dip Powder

Dip powder nails provide easy nail design with their wide selection of color choices and the dipping process usually being less damaging to natural nails than acrylics; however, incorrect application or removal could weaken them over time.

Your nail technician will apply a base coat and dust or brush on powder one nail at a time, before dipping each one two or three times depending on desired opacity. Finally, liquid sealant will be painted onto harden and create a glossy finish on all nails.

This elegant manicure is ideal for the holiday season. A glitter accent nail and simple snowflake pattern add an festive flair to this elegant look.

Colorful Dip Powder

Dip powder nails may be just what’s needed to elevate your manicure game with some vibrant hues, according to New York Daily News. This hybrid nail technique (known as SNS nails) involves layering pigmented powder over gel bases, according to reports by SNS Nails and dip powder nails.

Dip powder nails offer a wider array of color choices than traditional polish. A nail technician can use white powder to create a French manicure effect; or you can mix colors for an eye-catching ombre effect.

Dip powder nails may provide a durable alternative to gel and acrylic nails, yet can still cause irreparable damage if removed incorrectly, according to Dr. Dana Stern. While they cost slightly more than regular manis and tend to become dull over time, these options tend to be less harmful than acrylics as well as more likely to not chip or peel, respectively.

Sparkling Dip Powder

With this handcrafted nail enhancement, you can quickly create long-term, natural-looking nails for up to 21 days with this innovative powder made of bamboo extract and other ingredients. No LED light is needed; simply enjoy strong and healthy natural nails! With this odorless formula requiring no LED light for curing purposes alone or mixed in with traditional monomers to sculpt acrylics!

Dip your nails in trendy pastel hues like luxe lavender for an all-year manicure that keeps you feeling refreshed. Or go bold and choose cobalt as a statement color that stands out.

Glitter powders bring playful sparkle to any nail style. Perfect on their own or as an eye-catching top coat over another hue, glitter polishes are an easy and hassle-free way to add shimmery pops of shine and shimmer without needing a curing light – simply prepare your nails using our Dip & Sculpt Base Coat, Activator and Easy Dip Top Coat (available separately) before applying glittery polishes (sold separately). Plus! For even more color options visit SNS Nail Colors today!

Glitter Dip Powder

Glitter nail polishes may look beautiful, but their removal can be challenging. If you want the glitter look without having to attempt scraping off stuck-on bits of glitter from your nails, consider opting for a glitter manicure with dip powder instead – its glue-like formula adheres quickly and can easily adhere to gel bases before drying quickly for quick and effortless removal.

Glitter manicures can range from minimalistic to maximalist in terms of design. This pink glitter manicure by Alicia Torello is the epitome of minimalist style (and an excellent way to wear cobalt blue!). Or check out Betina Goldstein’s timeless polka dot design, using pastel Essie Concrete Glitter nail polishes.

Nail professionals see clients with different personalities and aesthetic preferences, so offering glitter polish options can help cater to a wider clientele. Glittery manicures can help showcase one’s personality while drawing in passers-by!

Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure
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Types of Manicures, Montreal Manicure
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