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Types of Manicures For Short Nails

Types of Manicures For Short Nails, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicures For Short Nails, Montreal Manicure

No matter the length or shape of your nails, they offer the ideal surface to experiment with the latest nail polish colors and designs. Here, salon owners, nail artists and manicure experts share their favorite types of manicures for short nails.

Light pastel colors are an excellent way to visually soften the appearance of short nails, giving the appearance of longer ones. Try an eye-catching half moon manicure design like this for an eye-catching finish!

Geometry Nails

Women looking for something trendy and distinctive should try a geometric manicure. Not only is it highly fashionable and ideal for any outfit, it is also easy to create. Drawing simple patterns or using multiple shapes such as ovals, squares, polygons triangles and dots will look even more eye-catching – add some rhinestones for an original touch and complete your design!

Geometry nail art takes its simplest form when two intersecting lines of different colors on one-color background meet at an intersection point. But this design can quickly become much more intricate; for instance, you could make a checkerboard pattern by layering different shaped nails and shades of polish to form intersecting lines of different hues.

Another popular geometric manicure option is chevron nails, which is both timeless and easy to implement. Simply choose any shade from your collection for this modern and minimalist style of design!

Ombre Nails

Ombre nails offer a fashionable update to classic French manicure. Also referred to as the “Baby Boomer French,” this style first emerged during World War II when women painted their nails pink and white for fashion purposes.

Light color ombre nails can add a pop of brightness and elegance to short nails, especially if they feature neutral tones such as lavender or mint blue hues. For maximum safety, try something more straightforward such as lavender and mint blue in order to start.

Add a special touch to your ombre nails by embellishing with gemstones while the polish is still tacky, giving your nails sparkle and standing out from the crowd. It’s also an effective way to show your passion for sunsets as it displays colors usually found therein.

Blue Nails

Blue nails don’t only look stunning on long fingernails; experts also find they make an impressive statement on shorter lengths too! Short nails provide the ideal canvas to display bold colors and bold designs.

One of the most sought-after manicures for short nails is a reverse French manicure. This procedure involves your manicurist melting paraffin wax in a special device and then dipping your fingers in it before shaping and applying polish to each nail – usually lasting several weeks before being easily removed using cotton pads and nail polish remover.

Nail art can add an eye-catching splash of color to short nails, and this blue and white swirls with black dots design is the perfect example. Nails can be painted either bright blue or neutral shade for this manicure design, which features black dots over each swirl – this type of manicure lasts several weeks but can easily be removed with acetone.

Cute Nails

Add some personality and creativity to your nails with cute nail art designs! There are an assortment of options, such as smiling faces, hearts or flowers – just be sure to use a natural base coat so the design stands out clearly.

One of the classic manicures for short nails is a one-colour design. Easy to do and suitable for all skin tones, this timeless trend always looks sophisticated whether it is done as pastel hue or gradual gradient.

Dita von Teese made famous the half moon manicure – also referred to as the Dita manicure – as an interesting design that adds interest without going too far. This design leaves an empty lunula area at the tip of each nail; an ideal way to add some visual interest without going overboard with their nail care regimen.

Types of Manicures For Short Nails, Montreal Manicure
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