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Are Russian Manicures Safe?

Are Russian Manicures Safe?, Montreal Manicure

Russian manicures have become increasingly popular over time but require special training and stringent sterilization processes, often disqualifying nail salons from offering them due to these requirements.

Russian manicures differ from other techniques in that they employ a dry process and only apply polish one nail at a time. Cuticles must first be filed, nails shaped, and then the base coat applied before finishing with any additional layers such as top coat.

They are safe when performed by a trained professional

Recently, russian manicures have become a trendy nail trend due to their ability to achieve an “instagram-worthy” effect on nails. Unfortunately, however, they’ve caused controversy as some question whether this trend is safe for long-term nail health given that these treatments involve cutting past the cuticle, potentially leading to bleeding and infection if done incorrectly.

At a salon with licensed nail technicians trained in Russian manicure, it’s completely safe. Your nails will be thoroughly cleansed and prepared using an electric file before opening up the eponychium – thickened skin on the base of your nail bed that contains cuticle tissue – in order to access its contents, opening up this layer allows removal of dead skin from around your nail plate as well as space for polish application close to each individual nail plate.

Russian manicures differ from traditional manicures in that they involve performing them on dry nails with detailed cuticle work and filing the nails carefully to create an ultra-neat finish. Due to this time-intensive and intricate process, performing one can take 1.5-2 hours per nail.

Erica’s ATA conducted a recent survey and found that 87.8% of clients reported being either highly satisfied or satisfied with the results of their Russian manicure service. Erica’s expert nail technicians combined with premium tools are key elements in client happiness, driving long-term loyalty and repeat visits from clients.

This data clearly highlights the significance of providing nail technicians and salon owners with proper education regarding services like Russian manicures. Furthermore, adherence to disinfection and safety protocols ensures a clean environment for clients which builds trust and builds loyalty among clients.

They are safe when performed by a licensed nail technician

Russian manicures involve applying a special base coat designed specifically for this service on your nails before choosing and painting colors of your choosing. Once done, a nail expert will then shape and clean cuticles before sealing with clear topcoat to prevent chipping of color polishes.

Manicures can be an ideal way to treat yourself, but it’s essential that you select a licensed nail technician with experience who adheres to strict hygiene practices in their salon – this will minimize infection risks as well as help your nails look fantastic!

American Academy of Dermatology advises against cutting your cuticles during a manicure due to exposure of the proximal nail fold to bacteria and germs that could potentially lead to inflammation and nail dystrophy. Furthermore, manipulating the eponychium during this procedure could further exacerbate inflammation or nail dystrophy.

Nail technicians should never use an electric file to remove eponychium or cuticle as this can lead to inflammation and discoloration of skin surrounding nails. A manicure should only be performed by professionals trained to use sterilized tools in a clean environment.

Erica’s ATA electric nail files and diamond bits ensure customer satisfaction at an 87.8% level, leading to repeat business and increasing customer retention rates. Offering loyalty programs or package deals may further encourage regular appointments while increasing client retention rates.

Erica’s ATA conducted a survey and found that clients are drawn to Russian manicures due to the unique technique involving an electric file; 39% of respondents to their poll identified this aspect as an important selling point. Customers also appreciate its intricacy of cuticle care and long-lasting effects – 48.7% reported their manicure lasted at least 3-4 weeks!

Are Russian Manicures Safe?, Montreal Manicure
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