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Gel Nail Extensions in Montreal

Gel Nail Extensions in Montreal, Montreal Manicure

Gel Nail Extensions in Montreal, Montreal Manicure

Nail services are among the most-sought-after beauty treatments, and there are numerous salons near you offering nail art and extensions. These salons are often clean, cost-effective and professional – their technicians possessing highly specialized skills.

Gel manicures are long-wearing nail polishes that need to be cured under UV or LED lights for best results, while extensions sculpt and extend natural nails for a more realistic appearance.


Nail extensions have quickly become a must in many beauty routines, while gel nail polish has long been considered essential. Now there is another solution for lengthening natural nails: nail extensions! Using photo-initiated polymers similar to regular gel nail polish, this service uses photo-initiated polymers in nail extensions as well. In order to get optimal results from either service, it is vital that a salon provides experienced nail technicians and clean facilities, offering an array of services as well as late hours opening hours if possible.

Before applying Gel-X extensions, nail technicians begin by first using pH Bonder to dehydrate and cleanse your natural nail plate, according to Syreeta Aaron from LeChat Nails‘ educational center Syreeta Park. Next comes application of Extend Gel–an adhesive soft gel used to secure Gel-X tips onto natural nails according to Aaron.

After curing for 30 seconds in an LED lamp, your technician can soak off the gel using acetone–similar to how regular gel nail polish is removed–before scraping it away with a cuticle pusher.


Gel manicures are long-wearing types of nail polish cured under UV or LED lamps and last up to four weeks with proper preparation and application from a skilled nail technician. Proper prep and application is key, and an experienced technician can help select colors or designs suitable for your nails and design a personalized gel manicure that lasts. In addition, weekly pedicures as well as buff and shine appointments should also be scheduled regularly to maintain health and lengthen the lifespan of your manicured nails.

First, a builder gel like LeChat Nails‘ Madam Glam Soak-Off Building Gel Polish or CND Plexigel Builder should be applied to your natural nail to sculpt and extend its surface area. Next comes Apres’ pH Bonder to dehydrate the nail plate so that Gel-X tips adhere securely, according to educator Syreeta Aaron from LeChat Nails. Finally comes Extend Gel; its soft gel lynchpin that attaches Gel-X tips securely and cures for 30 seconds in an LED light.

Final Words

As long as they’re applied and removed properly, gel extensions are considered a healthier alternative to acrylic nails. They do not contain harmful chemicals like methyl methacrylate and toluene that come with acrylic production processes, nor the cloud of dust caused by it.

Ellegra Davis of Chicago specializes in gel manicures and hand-painted nail art using soft gel nails tips; Trenna Seney from NYC uses this newer technique that uses pre-shaped soft gel tips to extend the length of nails even faster and easier than the traditional method of using hard gel sculpting tools.

Home use gel extension kits can be applied by any professional; however, experts advise having it handled professionally to get optimal results. They contain all of the materials associated with regular gel manicure kits but come equipped with additional items, such as an LED curing light, mini brush, nail forms and top coat.

Gel Nail Extensions in Montreal, Montreal Manicure
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