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Russian Manicure vs Basic Manicure

Russian Manicure vs Basic Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Russian Manicure vs Basic Manicure, Montreal Manicure manicures stand out among other nail treatments because of their focus on cuticle care, making this style standout from others on the market. Though it requires additional salon time, its results should last three to four weeks (that’s twice as long as biweekly manicures!).

As cutting past your cuticle can expose skin and nails to bacteria that could potentially lead to infections, it is wise to do your research and find an experienced technician before proceeding with such procedures.

What is a Russian manicure is an in-depth nail treatment with multiple customisable steps and often pairs polish as its finisher.

Russian manicures involve beginning with an exclusive base coat designed specifically for Russian manicures and then adding your color polish of choice, before sealing with an exclusive topcoat for Russian manicures.

Russian manicures differ from traditional or manicures in that they involve working directly on the nails without needing to soak, push back, or trim cuticles; rather they use dry techniques so the technician can work with your nails at their most flexible state for better and longer-lasting results.

TikTok tutorials of DIY Russian manicures may seem tempting, but Kandalec and Baichimirova caution that only get their from reputable salons with technicians trained specifically in this technique who use sterilized equipment. Furthermore, cuticle oil should also be applied at home regularly in order to keep nails and skin hydrated and prevent early chipping.

What is the Difference Between a Basic Manicure and a Russian Manicure?

As Russian manicures require precision and skillful application, they take longer than traditional nail treatments but the results speak for themselves–they last up to four weeks and even strengthen nails, according to Eskander.

At this treatment, a technician uses special electric nail file bits to clean and trim cuticles without using water, creating a dry process which does not weaken nails further and increase vulnerability for chips, as she explains.

Cuticles are a protective layer of skin that exists to shield the eponychium, the point at which your nail meets skin. Dermatologists and nail technicians advise against cutting cuticles as this could allow bacteria to enter through nails into your body and cause infection.

Eskander emphasizes the importance of selecting a nail master with care, suggesting finding one who has taken professional courses, gained years of experience, and works at a salon with regularly sterilized tools.

What are the Benefits of a Russian Manicure?

Gilded Ritual’s nail experts explain that this specialized manicure is intended to promote nail health by using a gentle electric file with precision cuticle work. This allows them to open up the eponychium area that extends around the nail bed and forms its cuticle, opening up its access points.

This technique eliminates the water and acetone soaks associated with traditional manicures, thus eliminating the need for soaking equipment and decreasing risk from bacteria contamination.

Additionally, this specialized manicure offers long-term value to clients; 83% of respondents in our survey stated they would recommend it to others. Emphasise the durability and use of premium tools like Erica’s ATA’s diamond bits and electrical nail files can help businesses build strong customer loyalty while encouraging word-of-mouth referrals from existing and potential clients alike.

What are the Risks of a Russian Manicure?

Every manicure has its own set of advantages and disadvantages; however, Russian manicures have been called out as potentially detrimental to nail health.

Russian manicures differ from traditional manicures in that the hands aren’t submerged in water or their cuticles pushed back; rather they use dry nails with special tools like cuticle nippers and pushers for optimal results. While this approach reduces risk of infection, it could introduce bacteria into the cuticle area; for best results it’s essential to visit a salon with stringent hygiene practices and sterilized tools for this procedure.

Nail technicians use nail files and an e-file to give their clients a picture-perfect manicure, by first removing excess skin around your nails, followed by filing them smooth with an e-file. However, this practice has been linked with chronic inflammation of both matrix areas and nails which could result in deformities, infections or nail dystrophy if continued over time.

Russian Manicure vs Basic Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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