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Shellac Manicure Benefits

Shellac Manicure Benefits, Montreal Manicure

Shellac nail polish is an easy and hassle-free solution that provides stunning shine, typically lasting 14 days or longer. Furthermore, its protection of short or brittle nails protects them without harming their natural nail surface.

But is Shellac healthy for us? Don’t take our word for it; read on to hear from our expert panel and discover all its advantages!


Shellac manicures last longer than traditional nail polish, and their curing process sets to an impenetrable rock-hard finish – ideal for busy people seeking long-term durability in a manicure that won’t chip or peel away over time.

Regular application of high-quality hand moisturizer is vital to keeping nails and cuticles in tiptop condition, extending the life of a Shellac manicure and keeping your cuticle oil at optimal performance for best results. Cuticle oil should also be part of any healthy nail regime to combat dryness and stimulate nail growth.

Avoid using your nails as tools as this puts undue strain on them and can damage or peel a Shellac manicure. Wearing rubber gloves when cleaning or performing household duties may help protect it further.

No Chips

Shellac nail polish stands out from other gel nail polishes by resisting color distortion and fade for up to six weeks between salon visits, thanks to CND’s special polish which is patent protected.

Gel and Shellac manicures have taken the beauty world by storm, offering stunning ways to wear nail polish. The key to long-term shine with either is keeping nails moisturized; use hand cream with hyaluronic acid such as Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream from CVS ($8.79), as well as cuticle oil such as Essie Apricot Nail & Cuticle Conditioning Care Oil from Ulta (available for only $11) to maintain that gorgeous shine and extend the length of time of both manicures!

Natural Look

Shellac offers several advantages over other nail polishes, including its resistance to fading and color distortion, keeping your nails looking vibrant until your next salon visit. Furthermore, shellac protects natural nails beneath it by being hard and strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear; other nail polishes may not.

Additionally, it comes in an assortment of shades and finishes to fit any style, and resists chipping and smudging. Plus, its formula forms an airtight barrier to let moisture from cuticle oil reach nails while still hydrating them for healthful nails!

Easy To Apply

Shellac nails are long-term and eye-catching, yet require regular upkeep for optimal results. Protecting them from household chemicals (like bleach or detergents ) by wearing rubber gloves can protect your nails from harm and prevent future damages to them.

CND shellac is an innovative hybrid product made up of half nail polish and half gel that’s applied like polish before being cured through UV light, making application and curing quick and straightforward.

Shellac nails offer many advantages over gels or acrylics; unlike them, if professionally applied and removed they should not cause harm to your natural nails. However, picking and peeling them yourself could leave them weakened and brittle if this action occurs frequently.

Less Invasive

Shellac is an innovative hybrid polish-gel product, featuring thin and shiny applications of nail polish while remaining hard and durable like gel. While other manicures wear off quickly or cause permanent damage to natural nails, Shellac can stand up against daily stressors.

Picking at or over-using acetone during removal of Shellac manicure can cause your nails to become damaged and weak, increasing their susceptibility to fungal and bacteria infections.

As long as you visit a reputable salon for removal and don’t overuse acetone, Shellac manicures should be safe for your nails.


Shellac manicure is an effective treatment for nails with short or brittle natural nails, providing them with protection and low impact manicure, lasting just 30 minutes to apply and dry.

Shellac polish typically lasts weeks without chipping, as its curing process hardens it into an impregnable layer that protects nails against harsh chemicals or heat exposure.

However, to maintain beautiful nails for longer, it’s essential that they remain hydrated with moisture-rich products such as CND Solaroil cuticle oil during the day and hand cream with hydrating hyaluronic acid overnight. Doing this will keep them looking and feeling fantastic for longer!

100 Magnificent Colours

Shellac manicures offer an affordable way to add color and style to any look, offering a selection of pastel to jewel tones in a range of textures and finishes.

Shellac nails are an innovative hybrid nail polish created and patented by Creative Nail Design that combine the durability of gel with traditional polish. Available at accredited salons in over 100 shades, Shellac polish offers maximum wear.

Shellac Manicure Benefits, Montreal Manicure
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