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The Benefits Of A Spa Manicure And Pedicure Service

The Benefits Of A Spa Manicure And Pedicure Service, Montreal Manicure

Manicures and pedicures are beauty treatments involving hands and feet. They can be done both at home and at salons and are commonly practiced due to their beauty-boosting benefits.

Regular manicures and pedicures can contribute to maintaining healthy nails and skin. Not only can regular manicures and pedicures prevent nail diseases, but they can also relieve stress and anxiety.


As part of a spa pedicure, your technician will use an exfoliating scrub to rid your feet of dead skin cells that build-up over time, helping eliminate corns and bunions as well as improving overall foot appearance.

Foot massage services offered as part of this service help promote blood circulation and ease tension, as well as distribute heat throughout your body – which benefits both feet and hands.

Manicures and pedicures are an enjoyable way to treat yourself while showing off your beautiful nails. A regular manicure or pedicure will promote healthier nails that grow more rapidly while being less susceptible to breaking or becoming brittle – important considerations when trying to maintain a healthy appearance.


Pedicures provide exfoliating scrubs and deep moisturizing treatments designed to soften, smooth, and revitalize the feet’s skin, making pedicures one of the best ways to maintain soft and attractive feet.

Pedicures also feature a foot massage to increase circulation and alleviate any foot or calves pain, while spreading heat throughout your body.

Schedule regular manicures and pedicures as a treat to yourself, not only keeping your nails in great shape but also relaxing and unwinding with soothing hot towels and relaxing foot massage. So why not give yourself the gift of spa-quality manicure and pedicure today?

Nail Shaping

If your work demands that your nails suffer, getting regular manicures can help preserve their health. Not only can it prevent nail fungus but it can also promote new cell formation to strengthen them further.

Regular pedicures can help alleviate calluses on your feet that cause discomfort or even foot pain, as well as helping distribute body weight evenly on both feet and reduce risk for back issues caused by standing for extended periods of time.

If you want a unique look for your nails, our nail technicians offer acrylics, gels and nail art services to give your manicure an eye-catching edge. Choose from an extensive array of colors and designs including crystal-encrusted sets or googly eye designs; there’s sure to be something special!

Hot Towel Wrap

A hot towel treatment is an essential element of spa services and helps relax muscles and ease stress, as well as moisturize and softening skin on hands and feet. Soaked in mineral water enriched with vitamins and salts, followed by gentle massage therapy techniques this treatment soothes tired muscles while improving blood circulation and relieving tiredness.

This pedicure includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming and callus removal. Indulge in an exfoliating sugar scrub followed by an intense moisturizing foot masque for maximum foot health. Finally, experience an extended lotion massage before getting wrapped up in warm towels to finish this pampering treatment with polish of your choice!

This luxurious pedicure begins with a soothing cucumber lemon foot soak, exfoliation using lemon-scented sugar scrub and mask, and an extended leg and foot massage using warm stones that relax muscles.

Foot Massage

Pedicures provide more than just relaxation: their foot massage also increases circulation and eases tension. A pedicure involves scrubbing feet, trimming nails, shaping them as desired and applying lotion afterwards – an all-inclusive experience!

There are various types of pedicures, each offering different advantages. For instance, cucumber lemonade pedicures are great summer treatments; they combine warm water immersion, with scrubping and moisturizing treatments before finishing with an aromatic mask for ultimate pampering.

Tropical pedicures offer another relaxing treatment option with foot spa and beautiful polish colors to refresh and pamper. Perfect for special events, tropical pedicures should be scheduled every two weeks to keep nails healthy and beautiful.

The Benefits Of A Spa Manicure And Pedicure Service, Montreal Manicure
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