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Types of Manicure

Types of Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicure, Montreal Manicure

With so many choices on nail salon menus, it can be challenging to select just one. We consulted celebrity manicurists Candice Idehen and Julie Kandalec to narrow down our options.

There is a manicure out there designed to meet whatever strength or length goals you have in mind, here are the leading options:


Basic manicure services from professional nail technicians typically involve soaking your nails, pressing back cuticles and cleaning before polishing – with optional hand massage as an add-on service.

Acrylic manicures have been around since their introduction. They add length and can be sculpted into oval, stiletto or square shapes for extra lengthening or shaping purposes. But their application requires both product and skill – as well as being quite expensive!

Gel and dip powder manicures are among the newest innovations in manicures. Gel manicures use a base coat, color coat and topcoat application process while the dipping process is faster than regular nail polish application. Both options last long-term while easily removed at home with acetone solution; both also reduce impact to natural nails.


Delicate nail art is back, as evidenced by Hailey Bieber’s cherry manicure. This playful summer trend blends classic French manicure with some added pops of color for added personality.

This style elongates nails and comes in various hues. Choose bold contrasting hues for an eye-catching appearance or go for subtler shades to achieve a more delicate, sophisticated appearance.

With its delicate hue and sheer base color, a sheer base manicure helps mask any signs of nail growth around the cuticle area as your nails grow. Consider investing in either gel polish or builder gel to add longevity; or if using regular polish instead, a gel-effect top coat could add polish and prevent chipping for a polished look. An experienced nail artist may even add designs or decorations for an individual touch!


The American manicure is a subtler, more natural variation on the classic French tip manicure. Instead of featuring bright white nail tips, Francis’ version uses neutral or nude-colored bases that mimic natural hues on nails like Lily Aldridge’s and J.Lo’s natural hue for events and believes it compliments every skin tone due to how easily it blends with them.

Though French manicures have long been the go-to for classic, chic yet natural-looking nails, there’s now another more subtle approach gaining momentum: American manicure. Perfect for any event and special occasion alike.


Gel manicures offer an effortless solution to busy lifestyles, being long-wearing, chip-resistant and more natural looking than acrylic nails. However, as there are various varieties to choose from in the nail world it’s essential that you understand which one best meets your needs.

Shellac gel manicure is one of the most popular choices, consisting of two layers of colored gel that closely resemble regular polish and curing under LED or UV lights for 2-3 weeks before it requires another touchup. Furthermore, this product was developed specifically to resist chips and smudges.

Harder gels such as hard gel, polygel and acrylics can also be used to extend natural nails by lengthening them, with hard gel being one such example. Although hard gels may be soaked off after application they still must be filed and buffed off afterwards to remove any hard surfaces; polygel is the latest innovation which combines flexibility of gels with strength of acrylics; Terrell advises that long-wearing manicures such as these may cause brittleness in nails so it is important to seek professional assistance and regularly rehydrating your cuticles with cuticle oil between appointments.

Types of Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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