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Types of Manicure Treatment

Types of Manicure Treatment, Montreal Manicure

Types of Manicure Treatment, Montreal Manicure

Manicures are beauty treatments designed to give your nails a clean, polished appearance and help maintain healthy hands.

There are various kinds of manicure treatments, each offering distinct advantages for nail health. Here, we discuss some of the more frequently utilized options and their potential impacts.

Traditional Nail Polish Manicure

An essential manicure typically entails nail cleaning (including cuticle care), trimming and shaping as well as base coat, polish and top coat applications. A more comprehensive manicure may include nail art as well.

These false nail options provide those looking for an eye-catching manicure without waiting until their nails have fully grown out a solution that utilizes liquid and powder acrylic to form false nails on natural or fake tips.

LMM loves this innovative solution for women looking for manicures that last and won’t chip easily like traditional nail polish. This system utilizes a special base coat cured quickly under an LED light to adhere the polish directly onto nails without evaporating and chipping, plus removal is quick and simple with traditional polish remover. However, this may not be suitable for those who suffer from damaged nails or nail fungus.

Acrylic Manicure

Celebrities such as Cardi B and Kylie Jenner are popularizing acrylic manicures, making this manicure trend increasingly sought after. An acrylic mani involves applying a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer onto natural nails for extra length and strength.

Before applying nail enhancements, nails must first be thoroughly cleansed to avoid contamination. A cuticle oil or nail dehydrator may be used to dissolve any oils on the nails before nail glue is applied directly onto each tip and shaped into coffins, squares, stilettos or almonds for an eye-catching effect.

Once your manicure is dry, a topcoat is applied to seal in the color and create a glossy finish. Filing and buffing follow to prepare nails for polish application in any color of your choosing or nail art designs. When dry, they are buffed again before having a clear topcoat applied that is then cured under UV light for curing.

Gel Manicure

Gel nails require more care and maintenance than traditional manicures; however, they last an estimated 2-3 weeks without chipping. Their application resembles that of traditional manicures in that technicians cut, soak, trim cuticles softly before applying a basecoat layer, color coat layer and glossy topcoat layer before finally finishing with their shiny glossy topcoat layer for a finished look.

Traditional nail polish can chip or smudge after two or three days; in contrast, gel polish requires UV or LED light curing in order to seal its color onto your natural nails, providing long-term wearability that makes it perfect for special events or lengthy trips.

Gel nails can also be removed at home with just a bit of effort; simply soak off with acetone to dissolve them without harming your nails. Avoid picking at your nails between treatments and use cuticle oil to keep them hydrated and healthy, helping prevent nail brittleness and strengthen them, thus decreasing chipping.

Hot Oil Manicure

A spa manicure treatment that uses warm natural oil mixture to clean cuticles. Ideal for those with weak nails as it provides excellent nourishment. Though usually performed at spas and expensive, DIY versions of this manicure offer similarly beneficial results at much more reasonable costs.

Quashie notes that hot oil treatments improve blood circulation to the nails and cuticles, helping promote nail growth. Furthermore, essential oils contained within this manicure oil may aid in healing brittle, damaged nails.

Combine almond, sunflower, castor and olive oils in a large bowl until everything has been evenly combined, then stir in the contents of one vitamin E capsule until thoroughly mixed in before microwaving for 30 seconds.

Types of Manicure Treatment, Montreal Manicure
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