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What Are the Benefits of Gel Nails?

What Are the Benefits of Gel Nails?, Montreal Manicure

Gel manicures last up to three weeks, making them a convenient option for busy women. In between appointments, it is important to give your nails time to breath by not picking or peeling, which could result in significant damage to your nails.

Clinical trial data demonstrated that gel nails could enhance the aesthetic appearance of patients suffering from cosmetically disfiguring nail plate surface abnormalities like onychoschizia and trachyonychia.


Gel nails are durable, long-wearing and come in an assortment of colors suited to every personality or outfit imaginable. You’re sure to find the ideal shade!

These nails are super shiny and look quite polished, featuring self-leveling capabilities to hide any lift lines on natural nails for a polished, finished look. Plus, unlike acrylic, they don’t yellow over time or require as much pressure.

Gel nail applications and removal can cause considerable harm to natural nail beds if done improperly, due to UV light containing carcinogenic ingredients like dibenzoyl diphenyl phosphate oxide (DBP). As this may increase skin cancer risks significantly, professional application and removal is strongly advised as is regular cuticle oil application for healthy nail beds that won’t become dry and crack easily.


Gel Nails offer an effective long-term alternative to regular nail polish, curing under LED or UV lights to set and dry compared with air drying which may dent, smudge, or peel within days.

Gel nails come in an assortment of colours to complement any outfit and mood! Additionally, their flexible gel formulation allows it to bend with your nails instead of stiffening like acrylic does – adding a more natural appearance than acrylics do.

Gel manicures applied and removed by an experienced technician tend to cause less damage than acrylic manicures, so it is advised that you give your nails time off between manicures so they remain strong and healthy; apply cuticle oil between manicures to keep skin around nails hydrated; use quality acetone for removal as this should dissolve gel without harming natural nails beneath;


Gel nail polishes cure quickly under UV or LED light, significantly decreasing the risk of smudging when compared to traditional polish. They’re an ideal solution for impatient people or anyone prone to mishap.

Curing processes produce UVA rays, which have long been linked with skin aging and DNA damage that could potentially lead to cancer. Although newer LED lamps use narrower wavelengths of UVA than fluorescent bulbs, it’s still wise to take necessary precautions if you plan on wearing gel nails.

Hydrating your nails and cuticles regularly to avoid dryness or brittleness that could make your nails more likely to chip or lift their polish prematurely. Also avoid picking at or peeling them – doing so can weaken your natural nail bed, leading to permanent damage. Instead, apply moisturizing cream or cuticle oil daily – keeping your nails healthy while looking their best!

Easy to Maintain

Gel nail polish lasts longer, feels stronger, and remains shiny if properly applied and removed, unlike acrylics which require powder and harmful chemicals (methyl methacrylate and toluene) that can be found in traditional nail polish.

Proper preparation, regular nail care, and keeping nails hydrated between coats of polish are the keys to creating long-lasting gel manicures that remain healthy. Utilizing a nail primer helps the polish adhere better with natural nails and reduce peeling or chipping issues.

As part of an effective gel manicure regimen, it’s equally essential that nails not be used as tools and are kept clean and conditioned. Overexposing nails to heat or chemicals from washing dishes or housecleaning could damage their condition prematurely by cracking, lifting, or bubbling the finish coat of a gel manicure.

Applying too thick of a layer can prevent UV light from penetrating all of the polish, potentially leading to failure of your manicure. For optimal results, aim for thin layers of polish.

What Are the Benefits of Gel Nails?, Montreal Manicure
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