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What Is Considered a Basic Manicure?

What Is Considered a Basic Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

A manicure is a cosmetic nail treatment for hands and nails that involves trimming, shaping, filing and buffing the nails in order to maintain proper nail health. Additionally, many spas offer relaxing hand massages as part of this experience.

There is now an array of manicure options to select. So which is right for you?

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A basic manicure is likely one of the more familiar types of manis, consisting of trimming, shaping and filing your nails as well as possible cuticle treatment or hand massage services. Your nails will then be painted using standard nail polish.

Regular polish manicures typically last several days without chipping and are easy to take off at home, however if not taken care of correctly the polish could stain nails permanently and stain your fingertips permanently.

Each color comes in the form of a powder that your nails are dipped into after applying a clear liquid formula. Dipped manicures are often touted as healthier alternatives to gel, as they last a little longer while being more difficult to take off than gel polish; thus making this type of manicure less suitable for those with sensitive nails.

Standard Manicure

This manicure includes all of the basics: your nails will be trimmed, shaped and buffed before your cuticles are pushed back and an invigorating hand massage is performed before standard nail polish is applied to complete this experience.

Gel or Shellac Manicures

Looking for something longer-lasting? A gel manicure might be just what’s needed! With this option, your favorite nail colors are used as usual – with an added special light curing process needed for curing purposes.

These manicures typically last about a week and can be removed similarly to basic manicures in terms of how they damage natural nails, provided you do not pick or peel. Like regular manicures, these should be removed either by soaking in acetone or wiping off with cotton ball saturated in nail polish remover soaked cotton ball to wipe it off without harming nails.

pedicurecare/” target=”_blank”>Gel Manicure

A gel manicure is similar to a regular mani but uses special nail polish that sets under UV lighting. Usually it requires applying a basecoat, two coats of what appears similar to regular polish and finally topcoat to secure everything together.

Benefits of Longwear Nail Polish include being long-lasting and no need to wait between coats; Terrell also believes it can strengthen and nourish nails for improved overall health.

But she cautions that the lifespan of a gel manicure depends on your activity level and hand hygiene; for instance, sports or manual work might shorten its lifecycle more quickly. Furthermore, some gel products may damage natural nails if used incorrectly by unlicensed nail professionals; therefore it is crucial that you select an established brand of products.

French Manicure

From mermaid nails to the recent surge in French manicure popularity (with over 232.7 million views on TikTok alone!), there are countless nail trends out there – but for something both classic and practical, nothing can rival the timeless French manicure.

Style Description: This manicure style can be identified by its pale pink or nude base with white tips that have more defined curves than their American counterpart. The end result is a sleek, polished look perfect for almost any special event or formal gathering.

A standard manicure includes trimming, shaping and filing your nails as well as cuticle care (which could involve pushing back cuticles and applying cuticle oil), hand massage and polish application. An alternative would be opting for a gel manicure; however this option requires longer drying times as well as being more susceptible to chipping than its conventional counterpart.

What Is Considered a Basic Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
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