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What Nail Salon Shape Should I Ask For?

What Nail Salon Shape Should I Ask For?, Montreal Manicure

What Nail Salon Shape Should I Ask For?, Montreal Manicure

Locating the ideal nail shape can make a woman appear polished and put-together, yet recognizing what type to request can be challenging.

A classic, feminine and flattering shape for women who wish to elongate their fingers. However, active clients may find it uncomfortable; at shorter lengths it may also become too full.


A round nail shape follows the curves of your fingers to elongate shorter nails and make chubby fingers appear slimmer, according to Schell. She recommends them for clients looking to keep their nails short while showing their creativity with single colors or nail art designs.

Assuring your nail artist knows exactly what results you desire can help him or her provide optimal service. So the next time you book an appointment, take a look at these different nail shapes below and be sure to request what’s necessary to create the ideal manicure (don’t forget your favorite polish!).


Square nails feature straight sidewalls and sharp corners, creating a clean and modern look when kept short. However, their flat sides may appear boxy on slim fingers with narrow nail beds; Hang Nguyen suggests adding a deeper C-curve at the top to soften this overall appearance and keep nails from appearing rigid.

Squoval nail shapes provide an alternative to square nails by featuring straight top edges with more rounded corners, giving them more natural curves while still having that classic square look. Furthermore, this nail shape can also elongate shorter fingernails.


Experts agree that this classic nail shape is ideal for anyone seeking a natural and softened appearance. Featuring straight sidewalls with an arched free edge that meets at its sides for an elongated silhouette.

Coffin shapes are an excellent option for clients with longer nails who wish to combine the angular contour of a square and the elongation of an oval, as it provides them with both.

Like its rounded shape, this style is less likely to break than those with harder corners and goes well with any nail art or color, according to Gerstein.


This nail shape is among the most popular. It makes long nails appear longer while giving them an elongated appearance. Additionally, this shape works great for those with curved nails to give a more feminine appearance.

Similar to stiletto nails, this shape enjoys an avid following amongst many nail salon enthusiasts. However, unlike their stiletto counterparts, mountain ridge nails feature more of a rounded tip with an angled tip which may cause problems while typing or performing other activities with hands. Although popular among nail enthusiasts, mountain ridge nails may not be appropriate for people who use their hands frequently – the angle can get in the way and prevent proper use.


Nail shapes can dramatically enhance your aesthetic while simultaneously improving hand health and functionality for daily tasks and professions. Therefore, it is vital that you communicate your nail salon artist your preferences so they can provide you with exactly the nails you desire.

Stiletto nails may look stunning, but if you use your hands frequently they’re probably not the right choice. Instead, opt for something less pointed but more sturdy like coffin shapes; these work great with negative-space or pastel colors, too. A quirky option could also include mountain peak shapes which resemble less dangerous versions of stiletto nails with less pronounced points.


No matter the desired style or look of your nails, communicating exactly the type of shape you desire with a nail salon artist is key to creating the desired result. Being specific about what shape or size of nail you prefer ensures your desired outcome will come true.

Round nails are the ideal choice for short fingers as they create the illusion of longer and broader fingers, and their strength makes them less prone to breaking than other shapes, making them suitable for active people.

A squoval nail is an eye-catching combination of square and oval shapes, ideal for most finger lengths and hand shapes. Additionally, this shape lends itself to nail art experimentation.

What Nail Salon Shape Should I Ask For?, Montreal Manicure
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