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What Type of Manicure Lasts the Longest?

What Type of Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure
What Type of Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure
What Type of Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure

Selecting the ideal manicure requires more than simply considering nail polish color and shape; you must also take into account occasion, lifestyle and how much time is available at your salon.

There are a variety of solutions available that will keep your mani looking fresh and flawless for weeks at a time.

French Manicure

The French manicure is an iconic style that will never go out of fashion. This timeless technique features a white stripe across the top of each nail and works especially well on almond, square or other round-shaped nails.

An effective French manicure relies on pushing back cuticles and creating an even line on every nail. Furthermore, moisturizing hands before beginning painting helps avoid dryness and keeps polish looking smooth.

To add some flair to your French manicure, consider switching things up by opting for a black base with baby pink line or ombre. Ombre can look very pretty and will make your nails appear more natural; any color combination works; though subtler tones tend to work best. Perfect for formal events and events at work alike – plus easy enough for do-it-yourselfers using gel polish!

American Manicure

Remark suggests an American manicure offers more natural-looking nails. Furthermore, this technique also enables nail art on either your tips or base coat for an added pop of color!

Remark suggests using cuticle oil to keep nails healthy and moisturized; paraffin treatments are great for dry or cracked hands.

As opposed to gel manicures, this nail technique lasts up to two weeks with little maintenance required and removal using acetone and cotton pads is just slightly harder. According to Kandalec, this manicure makes an excellent option for anyone seeking durable yet low maintenance nail art solutions.


VinyLux manicure is an innovative technique developed by CND – the creators of Shellac – that elevates basic and gel manicures to new levels. Brush on color coat and special top coat – no base coat necessary! Built-in technology adheres to your nails without staining cuticles or damaging cuticles while hardening with natural light exposure rather than UV rays for hardening effect.

Removable with regular nail polish remover, it is less damaging on nails than Shellac. However, its main drawbacks include chipping more often than other forms of polish and being less suitable for typing or handling chemicals on hands.

Vinylux nail lacquers are perfect for short, healthy nails that require long-lasting high shine color. Carry around a selection of Vinylux colours in your bag for touch ups on the go!

Gel Manicure

Gel polish manicures have become a trend recently, offering long-lasting hues with minimal chipping. Nails must first be prepared and filed to shape, before the base coat and color are applied and each nail ‘cured’ under UV light for instantaneous drying time compared to traditional polish which takes up to half an hour to set itself.

Gel manicures may look beautiful, but their removal can be harsh and damage your nails. When choosing between professional removal or trying it yourself, be gentle when soaking and massaging your nails to reduce discomfort.

Cuticle oil and hand moisturizer are also recommended to keep hands supple and strong for supporting gel manicures. By regularly applying cuticle oil and moisturizing after removing polish, this will prevent your nails from becoming dry, which could cause their color to lift prematurely or chip prematurely. Keeping hands nourished also keeps nails strong enough to hold their weight without splitting under weight of gel manicure.

What Type of Manicure Lasts the Longest?, Montreal Manicure
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