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Hair Extensions Which Are the Best For Your Hair?

Hair Extensions Which Are the Best For Your Hair?, Montreal Manicure

Hair Extensions Which Are the Best For Your Hair?, Montreal Manicure

Hair extensions are an effective way to add length, volume and a splash of colour to your locks. But it’s essential that you choose the appropriate one for you and your locks.

Your selection of hair extensions depends on factors like style, budget and post-care requirements. To assist in making an informed decision we have compiled a list of top types.

1. Synthetic

Synthetic hair extensions are made of acrylic, nylon or polyester fibres designed to replicate the look and feel of natural hair extensions. Available as clip-ins (long lengths, bangs and ponytails), sew-ins or tape-ins in various densities, lengths and colors – synthetic extensions make an ideal way to extend the lengths and textures of natural locks!

Blended extensions blend seamlessly with natural strands and can add volume to shorter hair, but may be harder to style and can’t withstand heat styling — applying heat may cause them to melt or burn off completely.

Marjan suggests using a lightweight, moisturizing deep conditioner to keep synthetic strands looking shiny and healthy. You could also smooth a dime-sized amount of Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum through your locks for added radiance.

2. Human

Human hair extensions offer durable and heat styling versatility. When purchasing human extensions, look for virgin Remi (remy hair) as it will blend in more seamlessly with your natural strands without tangling as much.

Be mindful when styling human hair extensions using heat to avoid damage. Marjan suggests using a heat protectant and only using it once or twice every week at most; additionally, always apply moisturizing deep conditioner after every wash to keep extensions looking their best.

Choose from various bonding methods – clip-in, tape-in, sew-in and halo extensions – to find the ideal option for your hair texture and lifestyle. Consider how often and for how long they’ll be worn as well as their cost and upkeep requirements when making your decision.

3. Braid

Purchase braided hair extensions is one of the best ways to add gorgeousness and attraction to your hair, but finding suitable extensions is key for creating stunning results. They should blend in well with your natural locks, be easy and comfortable to wear, not itch or shed and shouldn’t cause itchy discomfort when worn for prolonged periods of time.

Ideal braiding hair should match the color of your natural locks to look more authentic, while being sweat-resistant for extended wearability.

Kanekalon braiding hair is an excellent way to create a more natural and luxurious appearance, being lightweight and tangle-free while offering numerous colors for you to match with your personal style. Furthermore, this versatile material can be used in various types of braids.

4. Weft

Hair wefts are collections of sewn-together strands sewn onto an ultra-thin cloth strip, ready to be installed into your thicker locks by your stylist. Perfect for thicker textures and suitable for bonding, sewing and clip-in applications; hair wefts make a fantastic alternative solution!

Semi-permanent extensions offer a discreet solution that blends in seamlessly with your natural hair strands, giving an entirely customized and individual style to each wearer. Style, cut and colour options give complete customizability of look for everyone who wears one!

When purchasing weft extensions, always opt for ethically sourced human hair. This will ensure the longest and most lasting life possible from your extensions, and your stylist can assist in selecting suitable options based on your hair needs.

5. Clip-In

High-quality clip-in sets are among the most well-known types of hair extensions, and can easily blend in with natural locks. When selecting one to match both your natural hue and skin tone so as to not appear too stark.

Clip-in extensions provide an alternative to permanent extensions that are permanently adhered to your head by being easily removable for a different look. Just ensure they match up closely to your actual hair length in terms of length for an believable result.

Once your extensions are in, make sure you remove them every night before sleeping as sleeping with them can lead to irritation on your scalp due to constant tugging and rubbing throughout the night. Furthermore, regularly wash curly or textured extensions in order to prevent build-up and extend their lifespan.

Hair Extensions Which Are the Best For Your Hair?, Montreal Manicure
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