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8 Types of Manicure Polish That Will Let Your Style Shine

8 Types of Manicure Polish That Will Let Your Style Shine, Montreal Manicure

There is an impressive variety of nail looks available today, so it is crucial to find one that reflects your personal and lifestyle needs. Here are 8 types of manicure polish that can make your style shine through.

Basic manicure services typically consist of nail cleaning (cuticles cut and filed), shaping, and the application of your chosen polish. This non-soaking service should last about two weeks with no chips.

French Manicure

The French manicure has long been an icon of classic beauty. Worn by Cleopatra herself and beloved celebrities for over 100 years, its trademark feature is white tips accentuated with natural-looking base colors; over time however, its style has evolved; featuring tie-dye designs or even eggs (yup).

While you might be familiar with traditional polish application, making some adjustments can add a modern flare. Draw the smile line closer to the cuticle or across the nail; curve any angular lines for an eye-catching effect.

No matter if your goal is classic or geometric, this manicure typically lasts about two weeks before easily coming off with cotton pads and acetone. Plus, unlike full sets of Lee press-on nails which can cost up to $100, a basic manicure requires just using your own nail polish and an acrylic tip application kit such as Le Frenchie to complete.

American Manicure

Like its French manicure counterpart, this look is ideal for those wanting to experience nail design trends without making a long-term commitment (or risking their natural nails). Featuring a soft cream white tip that blends in seamlessly with natural nail colors.

American manicures come in an assortment of colors – from pastels to nudes. Their neutral shades complement all skin tones and work well for all nail lengths. What’s more, their subdued nature enables your natural nail growth to blend in more naturally over time, prolonging its wear.

Though a manicure may appear simple, there are various ways to make it stand out. You could add glitter polish or other creative nail art for an eye-catching pop of color; add a clear top coat to extend its longevity; this will keep your polish looking brand new while protecting against chips and cracks!


CND developed Shellac as a type of long-wear gel nail polish that lasts 10-14 days after curing under UV light, but is easier than other forms to apply and remove due to its unique formula that features small tunnels throughout its dry state, so acetone can penetrate more readily for removal. Lippmann said she found Shellac to be her go-to for quick application and removal of gel manicures due to this feature.

Shellac manicures provide a more natural appearance and offer over 160 colors ranging from pastel pinks to earth tones and shimmers – you can even add nail art on top!

Picking and peeling Shellac nails at home can damage natural nails; therefore, she advises seeking professional removal services instead. Also be sure to soak your nails prior to any attempts at home removal as this can help prevent your nails becoming brittle and damaged.


At any nail salon, the selection of services can be intimidating: tips, extensions and an endless spectrum of colors are just some of the choices available to customers. For those who can’t commit to getting regular gel manicures (or simply don’t have the time), CND Vinylux offers weekly polishes that promise up to seven days without chipping.

Vinylux nail polish works similarly to regular polish, yet requires no base coat and dries quickly in 8 to 10 minutes. Packed with keratin, jojoba oil and vitamin E – key ingredients for protecting natural nails and encouraging healthy nail growth – Vinylux topcoat features Pro-Light technology which strengthens over time as exposed sunlight penetrates it further.

Vinylux differs from Shellac by not needing UV light curing and being easily removable with acetone removal, making it the ideal compromise for those who desire long-wearing polish but are wary of the commitment required by shellac manicures. Plus, its versatility means it can easily adapt to changing color palettes daily!

8 Types of Manicure Polish That Will Let Your Style Shine, Montreal Manicure
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