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Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Acrylic nails have long been a mainstay in nail salons, providing clients with endless style options and length options to express their individuality and creativity. Not only are acrylics practical and aesthetic, they’re a fun way to showcase creative colors, patterns and art!

Acquiring acrylics should only take place in a clean nail salon that uses sterilized tools, as the products contain chemicals which could prove hazardous if not handled appropriately.

The Basics

Acrylic nail extensions can be tailored to any style or color desired, thanks to a mixture of powder (polymer) and liquid (monomer). Once blended together, this dough-like consistency can then be sculpted by an experienced nail artist to emulate any style or shape desired.

Before applying acrylics, your nail technician will trim and file your natural nails so they appear longer; then buffing their bases so acrylic glue will adhere better.

Your cuticles will then be carefully pushed back with a special tool to avoid interfering with the application of acrylic nails. This step is of vital importance as improper removal may damage natural nail beds.

The Application Process

Once nails have been filed and prepped for acrylic application, it’s time to apply it with an acrylic application system. With the use of a special tool, cuticles will be gently pushed back (rather than cut) in order to make room for tips, and ensure an elegant result.

Once nails are prepared, liquid monomer and powder polymer are combined into a sticky paste which is spread across each nail using a quality brush. A high-quality brush helps ensure even and clump-free nails while slow and even brushstrokes prevent unevenness that could cause blotches on nails if strokes move too quickly or side-to-side.

Once your acrylic manicure is dry and complete, it’s time to add color or art. A little creativity can make all the difference between an average manicure and something truly spectacular! Just be sure to select colors you can wear comfortably while being easy on your wallet and carefree over time!

The Finishing Touches

Instagram may be filled with stunning manicure and nail art videos, but it’s important to remember that acrylic nails require additional upkeep compared to regular manis. A fill should be done every two weeks to prevent lifting of nails which could result in bacterial infections or lead to nail fungus growth on natural nail beds.

At first, a nail technician will meet with you to discuss the length and design of your nails, while inspecting their natural condition to make sure that it can support acrylic extensions, says Dixon.

Next, they’ll prep your nails by dehydrating and priming the full nail using modelones Nail Prep Dehydrator & Nail Primer (13/set). This allows the acrylic mixture to adhere better to both natural nails as well as nail tips.

Once applied to your nails, layer by layer, acrylic mixture will be applied until desired thickness and shape is reached. Your nail artist can then add details like glitter, lace or hand-painted designs to complete the look.

The Removing Process

An acrylic manicure can make your nails appear full and thick in no time at all, but it is important to take proper care afterward in order to preserve the integrity of natural nails that could potentially become weak, break off and peel as the result of improper care according to nail artist Jenn Bui, who works with Cardi B.

She recommends using a hand lotion that protects nails from irritation while providing cuticle oil for hydration. In addition, it’s best to refrain from picking at or biting nails as this could cause serious damage that leads to infection and permanent nail loss.

To safely and successfully take off acrylics from home, use the tried-and-true salon method of soaking your nails in 100% acetone for as long as necessary to loosen them from their position on your natural nails without damage to either. After sufficiently soaking, your acrylics should come off easily by filing them off using either a nail clipper or pair of metal tweezers that have been sanitized.

Acrylic Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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