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Celebrity Manicure Ideas

Celebrity Manicure Ideas, Montreal Manicure

Celebrity manicures provide endless sources of nail art inspiration. Here are a few of our favorites.

This clear manicure combines bright hues, separated by lines of negative space. The result is both minimalist and chic; try it in pastels, neons or primary hues for best results.


An accent nail with a heart design is the ideal way to show your love of Valentine’s Day or simply add flair to a neutral manicure. Consider contrasting colours such as pink and red or white and black for an eye-catching effect.

For an elegant heart design, paint a French tip with an asymmetrical shape and add an oversized dot in the center for an eye-catching touch. For added flare add metallic heart accents – this chrome style will get tons of compliments! For something different try painting an entire set with checker texture and layer art and plain red nails to stand out and draw attention.


Neutrals can make for the ideal canvas for nail art, especially when selecting hues that complement your skin tone. If you’re unsure which shades best suit you, take a look at your vein color to determine if you lean more toward cool or warm tones.

Creamy pink hues make an elegant neutral choice, perfect for both everyday wear and formal events.

If you want to add some sparkle and dimension to your neutral nails, try opting for sheens with blue or purple tints – it will stand out without overwhelming your overall appearance.


Geometric nail designs are one of the latest trends and suitable for both short and long nails. Their stylish appearance makes them appropriate for every season and outfit choice.

Geometric figures and lines make an eye-catching way to express yourself, making a simple yet striking manicure design that shows your individuality. Easy to create, this design works great on both short and long nails; just paint all or just some of your nails with it for a stunning effect! Geometric patterns look especially eye-catching in vibrant hues.


Rhinestones can add an eye-catching pop of shine to your nails, from playful polka-dot designs reminiscent of Barbie nails to more elegant crystal accents. For best results, use nail glue instead of polish; it dries quickly without the need for UV lamps and can hold larger stones more securely than polish does.

Many gemstones are believed to help promote holistic well-being by meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in equal measures. Lapis lazuli in particular can act as an amulet against negative energy.


If you can’t grow flowers in your own garden, bring the botanical trend directly onto your nails! From daisies to tulips, flower motifs add feminine charm and make for the perfect finishing touch in any look.

Add an eye-catching metallic polish finish to give this simple design a modern edge. The metallic hue draws attention to each petal for an eye-catching manicure design.

With one color, you can easily create various floral sizes and patterns on each nail, easily creating multicolored looks without being overcrowded.

Flower power nails extend beyond just painted designs like those seen on JLo, Selena Gomez, and Lizzo’s nails – experiment with adding pressed flower nail charms for a truly original manicure!

Shimmery Overlay

If a glittery manicure isn’t your style, but you want to add something festive for a holiday event, consider opting for shimmery overlays instead. This look features metallic flakes which give your nails the appearance of being coated in gold and silver glitters.

Clear nail bases are making a comeback this winter 2023, and this look is the ideal way to jump aboard this trend. Simply apply a light shade of blue nail polish, then sprinkle fine glitter over it for an eye-catching result.

Dark tones are an elegant option for winter, and this manicure features them beautifully with its dark blue polish base and white snowflake designs. Perfect for those who are new to nail art but can’t manage intricate designs!


Pink nails are an evergreen classic manicure choice that won’t go out of style. From solid light pink hues to gradient shades, this versatile manicure works for anything from corporate meetings to date nights!

Add glitter and pearls to pink nails for a feminine flair that works with any shade of pink. A glittery polish like this is easy to come by; alternatively you could try using clear top coat with similar effects without adding additional colors.

Celebrity Manicure Ideas, Montreal Manicure
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