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How to Do a French Manicure

How to Do a French Manicure, Montreal Manicure

French manicure is a timeless beauty treatment perfect for any special event or special occasion, characterized by its classic pale pink base and elegant, chic white tips.

Acquiring one is simple and takes only minimal preparation: your nails must first be prepped, nail guides installed and the polish applied; after which, these guides can be removed and the top coat applied.

Cuticles are tidied

Before applying nail polish, use a cuticle remover gel to thoroughly clean up your nails. This will eliminate any remaining remnants of polish as well as push back overgrown cuticles – make sure to wipe away excess with a damp cotton pad and wash hands afterwards!

If your nails have excess skin around them, scissors or nippers may help you cut back any excess. But this could weaken and break easily – the best approach would be using a cuticle stick with either a metal tip or even better, an orange wood stick to gently push back that skin back into its place.

Every time you push back your cuticles, use a new cuticle stick as wooden ones can harbor bacteria that could potentially lead to infection on both your hands and nails.

The nails are buffed

Before applying a base coat, nails must be buffed to remove dirt and oils that may hinder proper adhesion of polish. This helps provide glossy shine while helping prevent chipping or peeling of nail plates.

Next, your nails must be shaped using a medium-grit abrasive file. This should be done carefully and in several movements; to protect natural nails from potential damage it is important not to saw back and forth, or risk doing irreparable damage to them.

As the final step of manicure, base coat is applied. This special formula strengthens and protects nails prior to painting; further acting as an intermediary between nail plate and chemical content in nail polishes/gels and the chemical components found within them. A top coat sealant then completes this step in perfect fashion.

The base coat is applied

Base coat is essential in protecting nails from staining, helping polish to adhere, and smoothing out ridges on them for an even look.

Nail technicians use buffers with increasing grit sizes to buff their nails before starting on their manicure treatments, creating an impressive, sleek appearance before they get underway.

An expert nail polisher emphasizes the importance of having a good base coat in their process. They note, just like when building a home, a good basecoat lays an essential foundation. Without one, nail polish won’t last. Separate bases and top coats may be available or you may opt for 2-in-1 products, saving both time and money; nail polish will then be applied directly onto tips.

The polish is applied

French manicures are timeless classics that never go out of fashion. Boasting a pink base with white tips, French manicures are perfect for women who wish to keep their nails neat and tidy.

Prior to applying polish, a base coat must first be applied. This allows it to last longer while protecting cuticles from becoming stained by accidental smudging of cuticle edges.

Once the base coat has dried, white nail polish should be applied over it. Leaving a small gap between it and the cuticle will help prevent chipping of the polish over time. Finally, top coat should be added to seal in and extend the life of the manicure! It is now ready for wear!

The tips are painted

Though commonly associated with pink and white colors, French manicures can take many forms beyond this classic color combination. Neon hues or tie-dye designs may even be added for added flair! In addition, tips may also be painted differently or even flipped up for an eye-catching effect.

To paint the tips, select a nail polish that is slightly lighter than your base coat and rest your nail on a surface while moving your brush. Make sure any loose polish is cleaned up using tissue soaked with nail polish remover prior to applying your top coat.

Once the nails have dried completely, apply a clear top coat to protect and prolong their beauty. Now enjoy your gorgeous new French manicure! Whether it be classic pink and white stripes or something more modern like geometric designs – this timeless manicure looks beautiful on both long and short nails alike.

How to Do a French Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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