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How Many Types of Manicures Are Available at a Nail Salon?

How Many Types of Manicures Are Available at a Nail Salon?, Montreal Manicure

Once upon a time, manicures consisted of nothing more than basic polish slathered onto freshly manicured nails. Now, however, nail salons provide a range of services designed to nourish and beautify digits.

Finding the ideal manicure depends on your lifestyle and nail goals, which is why we have broken down eight leading types of manicures here to assist your decision making process.

Basic Manicure

Basic manicures typically involve regular nail polish and are perfect for those with naturally strong, short to moderate length nails who like switching up their color often! A basic manicure typically lasts 30-60 minutes.

Your nail tech will use files and buffs to shape your nails, cutting and pushing back cuticles as needed. They will then apply base coat and nail polish before finishing it off with top coat to prolong its colors for as long as possible.

Polygel manicures are the offspring of acrylics and gel nails; it sculpts nails using thick gel solutions applied by salon technicians and then cured under a light. The end result is stronger and more flexible than nail polish while still looking stunning! Salons may use forms to achieve the desired shape – whether square, ballerina or coffin tips are desired. Getting regular manicures helps maintain healthy nails, cuticles and aesthetics while offering you the chance to try out trendier colors and nail art techniques.

Gel Manicure

Those seeking longer-lasting nail art should opt for gel manicures. This treatment involves applying a base coat, then color and top coat before curing it under UV lights to set and reduce chipping of nail polish.

Gel polish has many advantages for your nails when applied correctly; it won’t harm them in any way, however it is crucial that your manicurist uses a gentle method for application and removal – too much exposure to acetone could dry out the surrounding skin and cuticle, rendering your nails more fragile, according to Dr Adigun.

Your options for getting a gel manicure range from visiting a salon to purchasing an at-home kit with all necessary supplies and light sources (UV/LED light for curing the polish); typically kits offer various colors as well as bases and top coats to get started.

French Manicure

Though some fashion experts claim it to be outmoded, French manicures remain one of the most sought-after salon nail options. Boasting a classic design of pale pink or nude nail base topped with a solid white tip, this classic choice works equally well on long and short nails alike, complementing both formal and casual outfits alike.

Nail tape can often be applied freehand, although there are kits with stencils to help make the process simpler. Square, crescent or angular-shaped nail tape may also help create precise lines.

While a classic French manicure is stunning in itself, you can add your own personal flair by switching up its shape or adding floral or ombre designs to its tips. Experiment with different color combinations, textures and inverted designs for extra flair! Just remember to clean off stray polish using cotton balls soaked with nail polish remover before applying top coat.

American Manicure

American manicures resemble French manicures in that both feature a nude base with white tips; however, unlike its counterpart, this variation doesn’t feature an obvious distinction between them; instead the white tip varies in tone from its base shade and appears more off-white in hue.

This innovative take on classic style is best suited for naturally oval or coffin-shaped nails; coffin nails tend to work especially well. Furthermore, this technique offers an effortless combination of comfort and elegance in its execution.

Finding the ideal manicures requires finding one that complements both your personal aesthetic and nails, lifestyle and upkeep habits, and upkeep habits. From long-lasting to quick chip-off polishes there is something out there perfect for all nail types and levels of maintenance.

How Many Types of Manicures Are Available at a Nail Salon?, Montreal Manicure
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