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Hot Stone Manicure

Hot Stone Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Hot stone manicures provide an exceptionally relaxing and therapeutic treatment for hands and nails, soothing nerves, easing discomfort and strengthening nails and cuticles at once.

Alexandra reports that offering this service has proven immensely popular with her male clients who may find other types of pedicures too “girly”. She provides this treatment following a foot soak, exfoliation and massage to create the ultimate relaxing experience for them.

Relieves Stress

Relax your mind and body with nail therapy! It soothes nerves, eases pain, gives your nails a polished appearance, relieves brittle cuticles and nail fungus relief and is the ideal therapy solution for those suffering from stress, anxiety or insomnia.

Studies have proven that hot stone massage can alleviate pain by increasing circulation. This allows muscles to loosen up more readily and respond better to massage processes such as rolling and kneading.

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of hot stone massage on those suffering from insomnia. The relaxation it offers makes it easier to fall asleep quickly and remain sleeping through the night, leading to higher energy levels and helping fight fatigue from cancer treatments, while simultaneously strengthening immunity against infection. Hot stone massage has even been found helpful for those living with fibromyalgia; such patients report sleeping better after receiving one and experiencing reduced pain as a result.

Soothes Tension

Hot Stone Massage utilizes warm stones for maximum relaxation, relieving muscle stiffness and improving circulation, enabling our massage therapists to more efficiently work on tight muscles and knots for an overall soothing effect.

Hot stone massage involves placing smooth heated volcanic stones (typically basalt) over key acupressure points on the body to promote deeper relaxation and ease stress. The heat also opens up blood vessels, providing more oxygen into muscles.

At a hot stone facial, heated hematite stones become an extension of your therapist’s hands as they massage over your face, neck, shoulders and decolletage. The heat from these heated stones helps relax and soften facial muscles as it stimulates circulation for detoxification of toxins that accumulate under your skin – as well as giving it that glowy look! Hot stone facials are also an ideal treatment option for people having trouble sleeping; helping ease tension while inducing peaceful restful restful slumber!

Relaxes Muscles

Hot stone massage can increase circulation, ease tense muscles, and enable your joints to move more freely – providing relief for conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other chronic disorders.

Stress levels are balanced, leading to better cortisol levels and sleep quality; thanks to smooth heated stones that exude an antistress effect which relaxes mind and body alike.

Radiant heat can relax muscles on both surfaces and penetrate deeper layers to loosen tightness, improving circulation by providing additional oxygen to tired muscles, while simultaneously helping detoxify them by eliminating build-up of toxins in these areas.

Be wary: the hot temperature of stones can burn sensitive skin if they’re used carelessly, so be sure to inform your therapist of any skin sensitivities or medical conditions ahead of time so they can adjust the stones appropriately to prevent discomfort or risk of burns.

Strengthens Nails

Hot stone manicures offer deep penetrating heat that penetrates deep to revive tired and sore muscles in your hands and fingers, stimulating circulation while increasing flexibility. A hot stone manicure is both relaxing and beneficial! A hot stone manicure makes a wonderful treatment option!

Rosemary Weiner of Brass Rose Spa and Salon in Blairstown, N.J. has discovered the therapeutic powers of hot stones combined with soothing scents to be effective at relaxing her clients. As well as regular manicure services she also offers hot stone pedicures with detoxifying foot masks as well as hand and arm massage.

She advises nail technicians to utilize a specially made heating unit when warming stones for pedicures, rather than placing them in a microwave, hot towel catty, or other devices which may overheat and damage skin. After every pedicure service, she suggests draining, rinsing and re-oiling their stones prior to storage in a clean and dry jar for optimal shape and temperature retention until use again.

Hot Stone Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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