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Mirror Manicure Is This Season’s Hottest Nail Trend

Mirror Manicure Is This Season’s Hottest Nail Trend, Montreal Manicure

Mirror Manicure Is This Season’s Hottest Nail Trend, Montreal Manicure

Mirror manicure is this season’s shiniest nail trend. Seen everywhere from celebrities and Instagram influencers (hello Dua) alike, the mirrored French tip look has made its mark and will likely stay trendy for months or years to come.

To create the manicure, start by applying and curing black gel polish. Next, start tapping mirror powder from the cuticle area towards the tip to complete this look.


Mirror manicures have long been a classic style for nail salons. Popular options for this manicure include silver or gold tones; other metal-inspired hues like gunmetal and bronze can also work. Additionally, some nail professionals add subtle details with color such as light blush or bold fuchsia accent nails that make this classic manicure truly irresistible.

If you prefer something a bit less dramatic when it comes to mirror trends, try the textured version. This style combines glossy polish with powder that gives nails the appearance of having been dinged or worn down – perfect for modern and gothic styles or evening wedding receptions!

This manicure trend was made popular by celebrities like Zendaya, Lizzo and Megan Fox. Now you can achieve their look in your own home using our chrome dip powder collection and handy applicators – whether for subtle French tips or full-on dip effects you’ll be sure to be impressed by this eye-catching aesthetic that has everyone talking.


The textured mirror manicure brings an edge to this timeless style. Featuring a dark base topped with silvery shimmer, its unique composition gives the impression of metal plating or precious gemstone.

This nail design works especially well on round or almond-shaped nails and looks especially beautiful when applied to longer coffin nails. This look can dress up any neutral mani without overdoing it!

Polishes and enhancers contain chemicals that may act as contact sensitizers for some individuals, and salon-administered manicures often involve procedures with documented hazards that include the potential risk of infection.3

But while many women appreciate the sleek, smooth appearance of a perfectly manicured mirror manicure, others want something bolder but still ultra chic and sophisticated. TikTok has played host to this trend as its users post colorful drips or rainbow raindrops with metallic effects for an up-to-the-moment twist; perfect to complement any color, length or shape nails!


Mirrored nails have made an impactful statement among celebrities and Instagram influencers such as Zendaya and Megan Fox, and nail experts can use various methods to achieve the modern sheen aesthetic. From subtle chrome French tips to dramatic “dipped” mirror effects, there are numerous techniques used by nail technicians for creating this modern sheen aesthetic.

Manicurists have complete freedom when creating this look, as mirrored effects can be achieved using any color – while silver and gold tend to be popular options, reflective surfaces can also be created using shades such as lilac or dark grey.

For those seeking something bolder, deep blue mirrored manicure is another bolder alternative. Perfectly capturing reflections, this shade would make a statement at any formal event or nighttime party, while looking great on shorter or medium length nails as it does on longer ones with stiletto length nails.

Deep Blue

“Deep blues tend to work best with those who have cool or neutral skin tones,” Boyce notes.

For an alternative take on the classic mirrored manicure, why not give textured nail art a try? This technique uses pigmented powder applied over clear gel base coat. While this does take more hands-on time per nail, the end result makes up for any additional hands-on time spent doing individual nails at a time!

Makeup remover can also be an ideal solution for maintaining flawless nails; just ensure to use a non-smudge topcoat to safeguard its effect.

Mirror Manicure Is This Season’s Hottest Nail Trend, Montreal Manicure
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