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Manicure Ideas 2023

Manicure Ideas 2023, Montreal Manicure

Nail art has emerged as one of the biggest trends of 2023. Ranging from circular ombre nails to rainbow confetti toppers, there’s an array of designs available.

Mauve manicures are an elegant fall fashion statement. Inspired by Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie and popular on runway shows like LoveShackFancy, these mauve polish trends exude femininity while remaining sophisticated.

1. Metallic Nails

Metallic nails add a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic that elevates traditional manicures. A popular color choice for fall 2023, metallic shades can be worn multiple ways and with any outfit for maximum versatility.

Create an eye-catching nail design perfect for nighttime activities with this inventive take on the traditional French manicure: alternate pink and periwinkle French tips separated by thin silver metallic strips for an eye-catching design.

Nail artist Ganzorigt created this stunning green metallic mani that blends elements from marble and elf nails into one beautiful metallic look. Reproducing this look requires patience and an $8 thin nail striping brush, but is worth your while for its beautiful metallic shine!

If a full metal manicure isn’t your cup of tea, adding an accent of gold foil may be just what the doctor ordered to make this trend truly your own. Nail artist Jin Soon Choi shows how this look can bring some glamour without going overboard with chrome!

2. Milky Nails

Food-inspired manicures have seen an upsurge recently. From glazed doughnut nails to jelly polish, food-inspired manicures are on trend and now milky nails have emerged as a major trend spotted everywhere from Kourtney Kardashian to Dua Lipa. This subtle style recalls whole milk while being more opaque than nonfat dairy (Wite-Out).

Milky nails look best when worn with clean cuticles and moisturized hands for an aesthetic that exudes freshness and health. You can add an eye-catching accent like tiny green sprouts by wearing floral or other motifs in addition to milky hues.

Add some flair to your look with a chrome-topped milky shade from Townhouse Nail Studio for a sophisticated spin on the blingy trend perfect for summer!

3. Polka Dots

Polka dots make for an enjoyable nail art pattern that’s simple to recreate at home with just the help of some paint and dotting tools. Polka dot nail art makes an eye-catching statement. Pair this playful spring nail art look with vibrant apparel for an eye-catching springtime ensemble!

Dots have long been used as an aesthetic symbol. Yayoi Kusama, often dubbed as the Queen of Polka Dots, created installations utilizing large dots to provoke feelings of disorientation in viewers. Other artists like Impressionists used dots as an indirect way to portray human brain’s incredible ability to unify thousands of visual data points into one coherent picture.

4. Red Nails

Red nail art can make your hands appear slimmer while at the same time providing you with an opportunity to express yourself and accentuate your style through unique nail designs. Our affiliate links may receive a portion of any sales made using them. It’s hard to miss a red manicure! Designed in vibrant hues, it makes an eye-catching statement and can help define any look or personality – it makes nails pop against an otherwise plain backdrop! With plenty of vibrant choices available today – ranging from boldness and shine, to sophisticated art designs – red nails make an unforgettable statement about themselves when worn against another colour!

Rosy red nails featuring snowflake designs are an adorable way to celebrate winter, making for a charming accessory and everyday option with their soft hue.

Soft pink transitioning into red with playful heart designs for a dreamy nail aesthetic inspired by the Barbiecore trend spotted on runway shows such as LoveShackFancy and Tory Burch during NYFW.

5. Nail Piercings

Nail jewelry or nail piercings add a fun and original flair to any manicure. Whether it be representing an animal such as this tiger print design or opting for something more subtle and delicate, pierced nails seem set to become a lasting trend.

Or if you want something a bit bolder, a stiletto-shaped nail could add some flare. Just ensure your nails are long enough and healthy enough for any piercings you might have to thrive, says Huber-Millet.

French manicures made a comeback last year and they’re anticipated to remain trendy in 2023. Harriet Westmoreland predicts micro French or reverse French styles with fine white tips on short natural nails as a chic and refined trend.

Manicure Ideas 2023, Montreal Manicure
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