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Russian Manicure Montreal Salon Deauville

Russian Manicure Montreal Salon Deauville, Montreal Manicure

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How Does It Work?

Russian manicures are dry manicures in which your nails do not get submerged in water, making it more time consuming than gel manicures and more likely to cause infection if not completed by an accredited nail technician.

Your nail expert uses an electronic file to clean your nails and open up a section of cuticle known as the eponychium, enabling closer placement of polish onto the nail bed for a “flawless without Photoshop,” according to Gerstein.

Before your nail expert applies color, they will use a limited-edition base coat specifically made for this kind of manicure, which helps your nails retain strength. After that, an artist brush applies the color. Finally, top coat ensures long-term wear of this look.

How Long Does It Last?

Russian manicure is one of the more lasting nail techniques available, featuring striking designs and colors that won’t wear off quickly. Boasting intense cuticle care benefits, this treatment typically lasts three to four weeks (or the length of two biweekly manicures) — well worth its expense if possible!

Russian manicures differ from traditional manicures in that instead of using an electric file to soak your nails before pushing back cuticles, Russian manicures take a different approach. Instead, the nail technician uses an e-file to open up and clear away eponychium (the seal between your nail and skin), before cleaning off.

This treatment helps keep bacteria from invading your nails and ensure that polish adheres effectively, as well as speed up nail growth more naturally and faster. As such, this type of manicure is sometimes known as “dry” or e-file manicure despite some controversy regarding its aggressive cuticle cutting techniques; nonetheless, when performed by an experienced nail technician with proper training and sterilization protocols in place, such as by an ‘e-file’ technician.

What Are the Differences Between a Russian Manicure and a Gel Manicure?

Russian manicures have quickly gained momentum on TikTok and in nail salons alike, but have also created some controversy within the nail community due to cutting past the cuticle area, or eponychium, and cutting past it when doing it improperly – potentially leading to bleeding and infection if performed incorrectly.

Find a skilled nail technician to perform your manicure – Gerstein suggests finding one who has completed professional courses, has significant experience, and works in a salon equipped with sterilization equipment.

An important distinction of Russian manicures is their lack of acetone, meaning your nails stay dryer longer without chipping, peeling or getting damaged as the polish dries compared to regular manis that often only last one or two weeks. Furthermore, this style does not involve acrylics which may damage both the environment and can even lead to headaches for some individuals.

What Are the Benefits of a Russian Manicure?

As opposed to traditional manicures that rely on emery boards and water soaks, Russian manicures focus on nail health without cutting cuticles – according to the American Academy of Dermatology this tissue protects and contributes to maintaining nail integrity, according to medical authorities. Cutting or damaging it exposes it to bacteria and fungus infections; that’s why finding an experienced technician with plenty of training – like those found at Gilded Ritual trained by Baichimirova is vital in order to safeguard its wellbeing. At Gilded Ritual salon’s technicians are trained by Baichimirova herself so you can trust them with your nail health!

Malikova emphasizes the importance of sterilization during her treatments, employing hospital-grade disinfectants in her salon to make sure every table and tool are free from bacteria before each client comes for a manicure – one reason clients never switch back to traditional polish after experiencing Russian manicures! A single color manicure typically takes three hours; treatments that incorporate nail art or extensions will require longer.

Russian Manicure Montreal Salon Deauville, Montreal Manicure
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