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Syrup Nails Are the Latest Mani Trend Inspired by K-Beauty

Syrup Nails Are the Latest Mani Trend Inspired by K-Beauty, Montreal Manicure

Syrup Nails Are the Latest Mani Trend Inspired by K-Beauty, Montreal Manicure

Syrup nails, popular among K-beauty followers, is the latest mani trend. This technique involves layering sheer nail polish for an authentic ombre effect.

Lin suggests this look works best with lighter hues with sheer finishes, noting that darker colors won’t produce the same result; they may simply read as traditional ombre.

They are easy to do

Syrup nails have mesmerized beauty enthusiasts and trendsetters alike with their alluring shine and captivating aesthetic. Created by layering sheer nail polish to achieve natural-looking gradations on nails, the trend first made its debut in Japan back in 2015 before spreading rapidly to Korea and now reaching America as well. #syrupnails hashtag has amassed 8.2 million views on TikTok alone while Google search queries saw an extraordinary 9,200% surge within one week!

Though they may appear difficult, syrup nails are actually quite simple to achieve. Start by priming your nails with a clear base coat for a seamless canvas. Next, add thin stripes of the first syrup gel color you would like on your nail using lighter pressure while applying to soften and blend in to the base layer more seamlessly. Lastly, seal it all off with topcoat before curing.

They are fun

Syrup nails are a creative way to add some unique style to your look, with this beauty trend being simple enough for anyone to do themselves and any shade chosen – even creating gradient or ombre effects with it! Syrup nail art first started trending in Japan back in 2015 and quickly went viral across social media – garnering over 8.2 million views on TikTok alone!

To create this look, begin by prepping your nails with a clear base coat – this will provide an even surface for applying nail polish, and help prevent streaking. Next, apply thin layer of light-colored nail polish and wait for it to dry completely before adding more layers as desired.

Once your nails are completely dry, apply another syrup gel color along the free edge of each nail. Gently float and pull down to blend this color into the first. Finally, lightly float a third syrup gel color overtop of all three colors for an aesthetic effect.

They are versatile

Syrup nails emulate the appearance of liquid syrup on your fingertips, similar to jelly nails‘ glossy, high-shine finish. This fresh and fashionable manicure requires no special tools – simply apply multiple layers of light, translucent nail polish with clear top coat for optimal results!

To achieve the look, start by painting rough tips onto your nails before painting them with translucent colors – pastels and nudes work best as these have sheer finishes; darker tones like reds and blues will read as traditional ombre.

Syrup nails offer endless customization possibilities that allow them to meet any personality or style imaginable. Furthermore, they’re an affordable way to test out K-beauty trends without spending hours at the salon!

They are affordable

Food-inspired nails have taken over and it’s easier than you think to follow this trend. From glazed doughnut nails and blueberry milk manicures, this aesthetic looks deceptively delicious! Now there are even syrup nails, which add an eye-catching splash of color. A perfect look for minimalists looking to add some individuality on their manicure, this trend offers unique possibilities!

To create this look, start with a clear base coat and layer thin layers of your desired color – be sure to let each one dry completely before moving on – for seamless results. Finally, finish up with a top coat for megawatt shine!

Syrup nails are an engaging way to add some flair and dimension to any look, particularly with 3D nail art designs such as stars or hearts – or even full-on rainbow patterns! Just make sure that the nail polish you choose is durable yet easily removed.

Syrup Nails Are the Latest Mani Trend Inspired by K-Beauty, Montreal Manicure
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