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The Main Purpose of a Manicure

The Main Purpose of a Manicure, Montreal Manicure

The Main Purpose of a Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Manicures are often perceived as beauty treatments that result in healthy nails with beautiful polish. While this may be one benefit, manicures offer much more.

Manicure services often involve massage of both hands and feet to increase circulation, aiding cold hands/feet, numbness, swelling and joint pain relief.


An emphasis of any manicure is the nails; technicians will cut, shape, trim and file them to make them appear neat and clean. In addition, cuticles will be treated and their surfaces smoothed out so that polish can be applied easily.

An at-home manicure will remove dead skin cells from the nail plate and stimulate new cell production for healthier nails, helping prevent ingrown nails and fungal infections.

An effective manicure will also include massage of the hands and wrists to improve circulation and alleviate stress, which is particularly important as blood flow to our hands declines as we get older.

At the conclusion of a manicure, polish or art application is performed. Depending on the client’s taste and preference, this could range from something as basic as clear coat to something more elaborate like gems or water decals – adding these decorative features can enhance the overall appeal and give them an increased sense of self-confidence.


Hands are exposed to chemicals and germs every day, necessitating deep cleaning and care in order to avoid infections such as fungus. A manicure helps combat this by filing, cleaning cuticles and extracting any hangnails.

Prepping nails before receiving a manicure is also vital to ensure the nail polish adheres and lasts as intended – particularly with gel-based polishes, which require extensive preparation to remain on longer.

Soaking nails in water mixed with cuticle softener helps soften cuticles, making it easier to push them back or remove with a nail tool. Cuticle oil keeps nails and cuticles moisturised for healthy nails.

Massage included with manicures can also promote blood circulation to the hands and fingers, helping reduce swelling and pain while increasing relaxation and relieving stress. Improved circulation may even help slow signs of aging such as wrinkles and dry skin.


Receiving regular manicures can help maintain healthy nails and hands. The nourishing oil or lotion used during a manicure keeps skin moisturised, which helps avoid dryness that could result in cracked hands.

Exfoliation performed during a manicure removes dead skin cells, stimulating new cell production and improving texture. Furthermore, this may unclog pores and smooth wrinkles on hands for a younger look.

Hand massage during a manicure can improve circulation to your hands and fingers, helping reduce coldness or numbness in these areas. Furthermore, this massage can increase flexibility while simultaneously decreasing joint pain.


Hands and feet are exposed to various environmental elements each day, so getting manicures regularly can help them remain in optimal health. Massages included as part of a manicure can improve blood flow to the area, aiding skin tone evenness and smoothness.

Manicure serves another important purpose – that of beautifying nails. This involves shaping them before adding a coat of polish that gives them a shiny, glossy appearance.

Manicures can help prevent common issues like nail infections or ingrown nails by taking proper and regular care for them, like trimming them regularly or treating any problems as soon as they arise. They’ll stay strong, healthy and look their best while being highly relaxing too – many use manicures as a form of self-indulgence to take some time for themselves and unwind from everyday stresses – making them an excellent beauty treatment that can boost self-confidence too!

The Main Purpose of a Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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