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What Is Considered a Basic Manicure?

What Is Considered a Basic Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

A manicure is more than a way to pamper yourself; it’s an important way to maintain healthy nails and cuticles, express yourself creatively, and show the world who you really are.

However, with so many choices at nail salons to select from, what type is right for you? For advice from four expert nail technicians we enlisted their advice. Below you’ll find their overview of popular manicure styles.

Basic Manicure

A basic polish manicure includes nail cleaning, shaping and application of your choice of color. Nail techs may also trim and push back cuticles as part of this treatment, with additional services like trimming/pushback offered as an extra treat. Afterward, most treatments conclude with a relaxing hand massage to complete the experience.

Ventura recommends this manicure type for individuals who possess naturally strong nails in short or moderate length, who enjoy switching up their nail colors often and are willing to experiment with different hues, but cautions that polish manicures may chip and peel over time without proper care being taken, not to mention stain natural nails if worn frequently.

Abramcyk states that this manicure is gentle on nails and requires less upkeep than other forms. The key to its success lies in using non-acetone nail polish remover and following the proper removal procedures to avoid damage to nails.

Press-On Manicure

Press-on manicures offer a quick and effortless way to achieve an elegant appearance for an event. These nails can be attached directly to natural nails with glue or adhesive tabs and may last from several days up to several weeks depending on how well they’re cared for.

Before applying press-ons, a nail technician may trim, shape and buff your nails for a smooth finish. They may also push back cuticles and apply nail oil. Finally, standard or gel polish is applied–traditional polish is preferred!

Braelinn Frank, founder of Rave Nailz, reports that today’s best press-ons resemble salon-quality acrylic nails almost exactly and are durable enough for up to two weeks of wear. Reusing them? No problem- just soak in acetone for several minutes and they come off easily (though for tab options be sure that your fingers are clean and dry beforehand!).

Dip Powder Manicure

Raise your hand if you wish your manicure could last beyond two weeks; that is an increasingly common sentiment and that’s why so many have joined the gel overlay trend to provide long-lasting color and style.

One increasingly popular technique for lasting nail color is the dip powder technique, which involves prepping nails as normal before dipping them in a pot of powder in their desired shade.

After the nails have been dipped and set, they will be buffed to remove any bumps before sealingant liquid is painted on top. Unlike gel polish, which requires UV light for curing purposes, this nail type doesn’t expose your skin to potential UV radiation damage – thus saving it.

Even though dipped powder manicures can last quite some time, it is still wise to have them professionally removed rather than doing it yourself at home. Soaking nails regularly in acetone can weaken them over time so it’s important to give your nails some rest every so often.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic nails, made of liquid monomer and powder polymer, have long been the mainstay of many nail salons. Applying it over either a tip (a long piece of plastic glued directly onto your natural nail) or form (a little sticker under your nails that guides product application), creates an immovable hard protective layer on natural nails while offering endless ways of adding color through traditional or gel nail polishes.

As with other false nails, acrylic ones typically last three to four weeks before having to be professionally removed at a salon. Nail technicians use an effective process for taking off acrylics without harming natural nails; you should never attempt to take this task upon yourself!

No matter which manicure style you select, Nunez recommends finding a nail technician who makes you feel at ease and relaxed. Also be mindful that when getting any type of manicure – even basic ones – be sure your technician uses clean and sanitized tools; otherwise bacterial nail infections could wreak havoc and harm both your manicure and natural nails if left untreated properly.

What Is Considered a Basic Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
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