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Shellac Nails Vs Gel Manicure

Shellac Nails Vs Gel Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Shellac nails are similar to gel manicures in that they offer similar long-term durability, yet require easier and quicker removal processes. In fact, many shellac applications last up to one month before needing to be taken off again.

Acetone-free solutions require less soaking time to protect natural nails and nail beds from being damaged by long term exposure to it. However, it’s best to get professional help to have your nails professionally removed to avoid brittleness or breakage of natural nails.


Shellac nails last up to 14 days and provide a high-gloss manicure that’s chip-free – no drying time means quicker turnaround at the salon!

Dunne loves shellac because of the natural-looking colors and durable finish it provides, as well as its ease of application that does not require nail buffing – keeping her cuticles healthy and intact in the process!

But if your nails are thin or brittle to begin with, taking extra steps might help protect and strengthen them with nail serum and cuticle oil. Also remember to soak off any product cured onto your nail in an appropriate manner so as to not damage them; therefore be patient and allow enough time for soaking!

Easy to Apply

As its name implies, Shellac nails combine elements of both nail polish and gel. A professional will apply two coats of colour with a clear top coat before curing under UV lighting for lasting, glossy, show-stopping nails that resist chipping and peeling for weeks to come.

Shellac manicures are much simpler to remove than gel ones, since your nails won’t need to be submerged in acetone-soaked cotton balls and aluminium foil before taking it off using an acetone remover. A skilled nail technician can swiftly lift off Shellac polish without needing to buff or file first; making this option less harsh on natural nails (though still not recommended if brittle or damaged nails exist).

Easy to Remove

Shellac manicure removal is significantly faster than gel manicure removal, meaning your nails can return to their natural state more quickly. Plus, its removal does not involve scraping; rather, an acetone remover similar to regular nail polish remover is used instead.

While gel manicures offer longer-lasting coverage, Shellac remains an effective long-term polish option that will look glossy and show-stopping for weeks. Shellac may also be suitable if your nails are fragile as its application and removal causes less damage than other forms of nail polish; however, extra care must be taken in hydrating with nail oils and cuticle cream to ensure healthy nails post removal.

No Dry Time

Shellac (and its variants, such as ColourGel) offers all of the benefits of both gel polish and regular nail color in one UV-cured hybrid solution, providing over 14 days of wear without damaging nails during removal.

Manicurists believe shellac to be more breathable than gel, helping strengthen natural nails more effectively. Unfortunately, due to the multiple steps and UV light curing necessary for application of this manicure service, shellac should not be recommended for those with fragile or thin nails.

Removing Shellac is much less likely to damage natural nails than traditional manicures; however, you should still apply a cuticle oil or cream such as PAUME’s All-in-One Nail & Cuticle Oil twice daily in order to maintain healthy nails.

Natural Look

Instead, they adhere to a layer of cured gel on your nail surface and don’t require glue-down attachment like acrylic nails do.

These nails can be safely removed without damaging either your cuticle or nail bed, however if you regularly engage in manual labor or chemical processes using your hands they may not be ideal.

Gel manicures tend to be more resistant to water than Shellac manicures, making it less likely for them to chip or peel under pressure compared to natural nails and more susceptible to brittleness. However, gels still lack flexibility as much as natural nails do and should still be approached with caution for best results.

Shellac Nails Vs Gel Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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