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Russian Manicure Vs Basic Manicure

Russian Manicure Vs Basic Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Kendall Jenner made headlines in 2021 for posting an Instagram photo of her stunning manicure, with its flawless lines of her cuticle area standing out more than anything else. Turns out her manicurist used an unconventional technique known as Russian manicure to achieve this stunning picture-perfect effect.

Russian manicures differ from traditional or gel manicures in that instead of using water or acetone to prepare nails and cuticles, an electric file will be utilized by a nail technician in order to open up eponychiums and eliminate any cuticle tissue that remains.

Dry Process

Are you seeing Russian manicures popping up everywhere, from TikTok feeds and Instagram to nail salons and beauty blogs? For good reason. This manicure technique was first popular in Europe and now spreading throughout America due to its clean, Photoshop-esque finish and meticulous cuticle care required to complete one treatment which takes between 1.5-2 hours per session.

Even though this manicure technique looks beautiful, it has caused considerable controversy within salon environments. That is because to achieve that ultra-clean appearance, cutting of the eponychium must occur and any mistakes could lead to bleeding, pain or worse – serious infections!

Therefore, a Russian manicure must only be performed by licensed technicians working at reputable salons that adhere to stringent hygienic practices. We consulted experts (manicurist, dermatologist and nail expert) in order to provide all the information about Russian manicures that is necessary before getting one yourself.

Cuticle Removal

The cuticle protects your nails from bacteria and other pathogens. Cutting it incorrectly may cause bleeding, pain and even severe infections in severe cases.

As such, Russian manicure treatments administered in salons that do not adhere to proper protocols and safety measures pose an increased risk of nail infection. According to Kon and Kandalec’s recommendation for clients seeking this type of nail service treatment: they should only allow professionals with formal training in Russian manicure technique perform this nail service on them.

Malikova’s shop only hires nail technicians who have graduated from Profi Nails, a nail school that specializes in this style of manicure. Furthermore, these nail technicians must complete a rigorous apprenticeship period, with their skills being regularly assessed by Profi. This ensures their work is meticulous and high-quality resulting in long-lasting manicures while protecting you against side effects like hyperpigmentation or skin build-up.

Nail Polish

Russian manicures have recently gained in popularity among TikTok users, but have long been used by nail technicians in Russia who desired long-lasting manicures.

Cuticle therapy emphasizes precise cuticle work for an outstanding finish. The process utilizes an electric file to open up proximal nail folds, remove excess cuticle tissue and shape nails. However, not everyone finds this approach suitable; to be safe it’s essential that qualified nail technicians use sterilized equipment when performing this technique.

Regular nail fold abrasion can result in hyperpigmentation and bleeding as well as opening up cuticles to infection due to repeat exposure. Furthermore, there is the risk of contamination with bacteria or fungus due to lack of water soak prior to processing the nails; for these reasons it’s crucial that only certified nail technicians be utilized during this process. When looking for one make sure you ask about their training credentials beforehand!


Russian manicures differ from traditional manicures in that they do not involve soaking the nails; rather, this process uses an electric nail drill to clean and remove excess cuticle skin from around the nail bed. Since this can be dangerous if performed by untrained technicians, it’s crucial that only salons that implement an intensive three-phase disinfection and sterilization protocol offer Russian manicures.

Once cuticles have been properly removed, a special base coat designed specifically for Russian manicures is applied to each nail before choosing and painting on one’s desired polish color. A special matte top coat seals in this masterpiece to prevent chipping or smudging and prevent future manicures!

This five-step nail service may take more time and effort than traditional manicures, but its results last much longer — up to four weeks — making it worth investing in long term. Just make sure that you visit a skilled salon that employs rigorous disinfection practices.

Russian Manicure Vs Basic Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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