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How Should You Do Your Nails For Your Wedding Day?

How Should You Do Your Nails For Your Wedding Day?, Montreal Manicure

Your hands will take center stage at your wedding. But how should you approach nail care on this special day?

No matter if you are an established beauty enthusiast or are just beginning, choosing your nail color will have an enormous effect on how you appear. Additionally, adding personal meaning can add dimension – for instance, mimicking your engagement ring by doing what this bride did!


Brides who prefer keeping things understated should opt for natural nails as a timeless classic. Natural nail color options range from light pink, nude or white; depending on the feel of your wedding day gown and aesthetic. If you prefer more glamour add small gems or try an ombre manicure featuring lighter hues at the tip and darker ones halfway up for an on-trend look.

Start early if you plan on DIY-ing your nails for your wedding day; give yourself enough time to shape and tidy them before beginning the getting ready process. Push back cuticles and clip any hangnails as needed; also consider keeping a nail file, cuticle oil and press-on nails on hand in case any unexpected issues arise during getting ready – both Kim and Hanna suggest having these “day-of essentials” handy so you can address any potential problems immediately.


While planning for our weddings often means prioritizing guest lists, dresses and makeup on our to-do lists, nail prep can often take the back burner. But it’s essential that nail care be made a top priority so your hands look as great as the rest of your bridal look!

No matter whether your wedding is traditional white, indie boho beach or somewhere in between, nail color and design options abound for both. When selecting polish colors to complement your complexion and outfit hues, be sure to hold up your chosen polish against fabric so you can get an accurate sense of its shade in person.

If you want something a bit different for your big day, why not opt for gel or dipped nails instead of regular nail polish? Gel nails tend to last longer and resist chipping, smudging and peeling; making them the ideal choice on wedding day!


An elegant white or neutral manicure works well for brides that want their nails to stand in the background of their outfit and accessories, such as shoes. Additionally, decals or designs such as gems in your wedding colors or hearts to complement your theme are available as an added touch.

Add an understated flair with natural-looking and light pink dip nail powder applied to your nails for an understated yet sophisticated French mani for your wedding day. This will create an understated yet classic French manicure.

If you want something bolder, go with a light blue shade as your “something blue”, or make an impression with shimmery metallics such as GC9 Scatter or D594 Bombshell. Whatever option you decide upon, ensure to get them done at least a couple days ahead of your big day, giving yourself time for any surprises (such as a nail chip). Likewise, bring along a small touch-up kit just in case any accidents should arise on wedding day!


Acrylic nails can be an excellent choice for brides looking to elevate their natural appearance and expand the surface area of their nail art, according to Yagi. Modern methods like dip powder and hard gel may offer more natural-looking solutions than traditional acrylics.

Kim advises those hesitant to commit fully to artificial nails to include topcoat and press-on nails in their day-of beauty arsenal as an easy fix if one or more become chipped, broken, or damaged that morning. These products allow quick application if one or more become damaged en route.

Red nail polish is timeless and classic; soft pink polish adds romance. Mauve polish makes an attractive complement for wedding bouquets and rings. Glitter can also add dimension, be it all over or just on tips; adding it can even double up as your “something borrowed.” Gold nails make another wonderful statement piece!

How Should You Do Your Nails For Your Wedding Day?, Montreal Manicure
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