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What Are the Benefits of a Russian Manicure?

What Are the Benefits of a Russian Manicure?, Montreal Manicure

Russian manicure is an European-influenced nail technique that provides you with picture-perfect nail results, but does it have any health advantages?

Contrary to traditional nail services which rely on water and solution soaks, electric nail files, and cuticle pushers for nail care, Russian manicures use a dry drill for nail cleansing and shaping for healthier and more precise results.

1. It’s Long-Lasting

Russian manicures have quickly become one of the hottest nail art trends on social media, and for good reason. Not only can this technique push back cuticles and clean the nail bed, it can also add color and nail art to the look – with results lasting far longer than traditional or gel manicures which typically chip within four or six hours after application.

But while this trend has grown increasingly popular, it should only be carried out by certified nail technicians who are properly trained in this specific technique and possess all of the required sterilizing equipment to ensure your safety.

Baichimirova only hires nail technicians with training from a reputable school and plenty of experience, to ensure they know exactly how to work with the delicate structure of nails and minimize risks of injury.

2. It’s Affordable

Russian manicures may have made headlines recently via TikTok videos, but it is essential to remember that this specialized nail technique should only be performed by trained professionals. As it involves filing cuticles and nails – which if done incorrectly can damage skin – an experienced practitioner is needed for safe execution of this practice.

Kandalec states that this kind of damage may result from using an electric file that is too aggressive, or applying excessive pressure to the nail plate. Furthermore, filing nails too rapidly can damage cuticles as well.

Find a nail technician with experience performing Russian Manicures who uses sterilized tools in order to ensure that your nails will look their best and receive all the benefits associated with a Russian Manicure, including long-wearing gel polish, nail art designs, healthy cuticles and nails.

3. It’s Easy to Do

Russian manicures and kombi pedicures differ from other manicure methods in that they focus more on nail health than length, color, or shape. Professional tools such as electric files and cuticle nippers help shape and prepare nails for polishing without using water as a soak-off agent, decreasing risk of drying out nails and cuticles while protecting them from drying damage.

An experienced nail technician should only perform a proper Russian manicure, which requires comprehensive knowledge of inflammation as well as unwavering professional responsibility.

An improper Russian manicure can cause extensive nail damage by tearing away cuticle tissue, potentially leading to infection and increasing sensitivity to hand products such as perfumes, sanitizers, and hand creams. Exposing nail beds also increases your risk of contact dermatitis – which is why it’s imperative that you find a nail master with valid licensing who works at a salon with appropriately sterilized tools.

4. It’s Healthy

As with any nail salon treatment, Russian manicure is safe when performed by a trained technician. However, improper use of an e-file used during this technique could damage nails; according to Malikova this includes over-filing that causes cuticle damage as well as over-strimming.

She stresses the importance of finding an experienced technician. Additionally, salons should use hospital-grade sterilizers to ensure all tools and tables are kept sanitized between treatments.

Kandalec states that Russian manicures can help keep nails healthy by limiting how much gel polish is applied and keeping cuticles hydrated with cuticle oil applications. She adds that this treatment may also prevent hangnails and strengthen nails further – and best of all it lasts for weeks so you can continue enjoying them even longer!

What Are the Benefits of a Russian Manicure?, Montreal Manicure
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