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When to Do Manicure

When to Do Manicure, Montreal Manicure

Beginning a manicure involves starting with a quick hand soak to soften cuticles and clear away dead skin around nails.

After filing, nails are given the desired shape. Rounded nails look classic and comfortable.

Nails should then be prepared for polish application by applying a base coat, then the desired color swiped on. A final step involves sealing off this look with a top coat to preserve its integrity and make for a lasting manicure experience.


As Spring blossoms, your nails require an update. Pastel colors reminiscent of flowers make the most beautiful and wearable looks this season; whether you opt for French manicure or negative space designs there is plenty to choose from this season.

Mint is an elegant yet eye-catching hue, and has quickly become one of the top trends across home decor, fashion and nail polish – it looks particularly stunning when worn as part of a classic French manicure!

Pink is an indispensable hue in spring because it embodies both femininity and neutrality, making it suitable for any special event or casual gathering. To elevate your manicure even further, add an accent nail with a white flower design!

Metallic polish can add extra shimmer and sparkle to your nails, especially for floral-themed nails. However, you could also try geometric designs or even something as creative as funky holographic nail art for something different! Regardless of which approach you take, always ensure your nails are healthy before applying any polish!


As beach-goers approach summer, a color that can withstand both water and sun can be essential. Light blue and pearly hues may evoke images of shimmering waves while three dimensional shell curves add fun. Metallic silver polish will reflect sunlight onto fingertips illuminating them further.

Pastels make an ideal summer choice, adding softness and freshness to any manicure. Try mint green, pastel pink or even light lavender!

As your nails are often exposed to elements such as dirt and dust, it is vitally important that they receive proper hydration through cuticle oil every day. Cuticle oil helps preserve natural moisture balance within them to keep nails looking their best while remaining smooth and healthy.


As the temperatures turn chillier and crispier, ditch your bright summer manicure in favor of something moodier. A dark take on traditional French manicure is ideal for autumn; glossy black tips or shades of grayish beige will do.

Red nail art will always remain fashionable, but this fall marks the season to experiment with deeper hues. Manicurists predict burgundy shades will be popular this season and may even border on black. You can go all-out Wednesday Addams-esque by adding an audacious red manicure or simply spice up your manicure by applying matte top coat.

Nail art is making a comeback this autumn. Instead of opting for the standard half moon manicure, try something more creative such as painting an eye-catching geometric pattern or alternating flower and base colors on some nails. Metallic varnishes work particularly well – consider going for silver or gold to complete your autumn nails look!


Winter can be hard on nails. Constant transition from cold air outdoors to the dry heat inside can quickly zap away moisture from nails, leaving them dry, brittle and susceptible to chipping.

Hydrating manicures will help extend the longevity of their polish. Consider offering thick cream that clients can use at home to maintain optimal hydration between appointments.

Create an eye-catching manicure this festive season by recreating this snow dusted pine forest or opt for rose gold tones for an eye-catching but simple design.

If your clients find their manicure deteriorating quickly in winter, consider giving them some cuticle oil to use at home to nourish the nail and cuticle beds and prevent dryness that causes brittle or flaky nails.

When to Do Manicure, Montreal Manicure
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