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How to Get Rose Gold Hair

How to Get Rose Gold Hair, Montreal Manicure

How to Get Rose Gold Hair, Montreal Manicure

Rose gold hair color isn’t just another trend; it’s the sophisticated nod to rainbow hues that every cool girl craves. Hovering between pink and orange on the color spectrum, rose gold hair suits both cool and warm skin tones, and requires much less commitment than bold blue or full neon shades. We’ve seen celebrities like Sienna Miller’s tie dye toy story or badass model Mary Charteris sporting bubblegum pink locks — however anyone can rock the hue! DIY dye doesn’t last as long; professional salon color lasts longer compared with DIY dyeing services!

Donning rose gold streaks to spice up your bob or even all over your head can be achieved easily. Start with a pale blonde base, adding in ribbons of the hue (see @hairby_selma’s fun ombre for examples!).

A light shade accentuates the natural texture of strands, giving your locks a spring-like radiance. It is an excellent option if you don’t want to commit to full head coloring; plus it looks fantastic on curly locks!

Another popular approach to getting rose gold hair is by opting for balayage with light rose tints throughout. This method creates a more subdued effect than an ombre technique and works especially well if brunettes lack much light hair to start with. Furthermore, it makes for an excellent way to experiment with trend.

Dark brunettes can pull off the rose gold look just as effectively as blondes can, as evidenced by Maisie Williams. Her delicate blush pink locks add an eye-catching accent to her wavy lob and enhance her natural beauty. If you have dark locks, try opting for a warm rose tone with slight reddish tint, similar to @ciara_london’s look – this color will blend in easily with your existing darker tones without quickly washing out.

If you’re considering dying your hair rose gold, it is essential that you consider both your lifestyle and care routine before proceeding with this decision. Since rose gold fades more quickly than blonde, investing in high-quality shampoo, conditioner and multi-use treatments formulated specifically for colored hair will ensure healthy and vibrant locks for as long as possible. Alternatively, for an easier low maintenance option opt for rose gold rinse instead – just be sure to have it professionally done beforehand so there are no surprises such as bleeding or chipping of color!

How to Get Rose Gold Hair, Montreal Manicure
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