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How to Rock Mermaid Hair

How to Rock Mermaid Hair, Montreal Manicure

How to Rock Mermaid Hair, Montreal Manicure

Mermaid hair is an alluring summer trend that draws its inspiration from the lush locks of mythical sea creatures like Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The style features soft undulating waves or curls with beachy aesthetic, making this style both effortless and stunningly shiny! It makes a statement that shows you just came out of the ocean.

Mermaid hair can be achieved in several ways, from dyeing your locks or adding extensions, to hiring an experienced stylist who can create the necessary textures. But ultimately, to truly create that magical, mermaid-inspired look.

Lose, undulating waves are an effortless way to add texture to the hair, and can work on all textures. While traditional crimped mermaid waves were once popular in the 2000s, this more lived-in version provides an effortless beachy look without being as precise or perfect.

Mermaid hair trends are suitable for people of any age and style; you don’t need to be an Ariel to rock this look. A formal setting might call for something formal like a braid; loose waves can add casual charm. Incorporating accessories like clip-in extensions or flower crowns adds another level of versatility.

If you want to go the full mermaid route, dyeing your hair a vivid shade like blue, purple or green is one way to do it. Just be sure to work with a trained stylist and use high-quality products that will maintain the health of your strands while doing regular touch ups to keep it looking its best!

Mermaid hair trends never fail to draw the eye and create conversation among friends and strangers alike. From adding pops of color or rocking natural dark hues, the mermaid trend will undoubtedly grab attention and show it’s an attractive choice for anyone seeking to stand out, particularly people with fair skin who particularly benefit from lighter shades (sunset-toned hues tend to look best for fair-skinned people); olive-skinned individuals look fantastic wearing blues and emerald greens (great options!).

If you’re not ready to commit to dyeing your hair yet, there are still options available to you. From adding extensions for added length and volume to trying tape-in colors for subtle variations in hue. Or you could experiment with mixing several hues together for an eye-catching rainbow effect; all options exist that could work for you and fit with your personality!

How to Rock Mermaid Hair, Montreal Manicure
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