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The Secret To A Perfect Red Head Color

The Secret To A Perfect Red Head Color, Montreal Manicure

The Secret To A Perfect Red Head Color, Montreal Manicure

Only 2% of the population are natural redheads; therefore if you want to try on red hair for yourself it is essential that you find the appropriate shade to complement your complexion.

If you have pale skin, opt for shades bordering blonde and avoid darker hues which could overpower your face.

1. Keep It Natural

Gigi Hadid and Riley Keough have brought red-hued locks back into the limelight this spring with their fire engine-red locks, but it’s important to remember that natural-looking red locks tend not to look bright or “red-red,” instead taking on more orangey brown hues. For a more authentic look, try coloring your locks using hues that complement your skin tone when dyeing your strands red.

For pale complexions with warm undertones, strawberry blonde or coppery red shades may best accentuate freckles and light eyes. Medium and olive skintones may prefer darker mahogany auburn shades like Nutrisse Creme Deep Red with coppery-gold tones.

Darker red hues (such as shades of rose gold, peach or ginger) tend to last longer than lighter ones (such as rose gold, peach or ginger shades), and won’t fade as rapidly as true blue or purple reds. To prolong its longevity and maintain an optimal hair color experience, avoid harsh shampoo containing harsh sulfates and salts and opt for color-safe formulas free from damaging parabens.

2. Take A Break From Heat Styling

It’s essential to treat red hair like an invaluable asset, which means avoiding heat styling with heated tools as much as possible. Heating them could damage cuticles and make it harder for the color to remain locked-in.

Be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for dyed hair when heading to the beach or pool, to protect your color and keep your locks healthy and soft. Doing this can also help avoid salt or chlorine exposure which could result in color fading as well as keep them soft and manageable.

If you’re a brunette thinking of going red, strand dyeing at home with box colors may be an ideal way to test out this hue before committing to in-salon process. Keep in mind that darker hues often fade more quickly than lighter ones so a professional consultation should always be considered to get maximum impact from your new hue.

3. Give It Some Gloss

Red hair is having its moment right now–from Gigi Hadid sporting ginger-red locks to a model who went viral for her romantic red locks on TikTok, fiery locks are definitely making a statement this season. But before diving in to dye your locks red, make sure that you prepare your scalp adequately to achieve long-term vibrant hues and vibrant results.

Hair gloss is an intense hair care treatment designed to add color and dimension to your locks, similar to an enhanced leave-in conditioner. According to Jocelyn, “it closes the cuticle and adds that extra boost of dimension and shine.”

Although there are various hair glosses available (some suitable for use in the shower and others at salons), our GH Institute Beauty Lab winner John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss stands out as an effective product to use when it comes to redheads. With its subtle tint of color that seeps into cuticle layers without chemical changes needed for application, this in-shower conditioning glaze is great at both enhancing and refreshing natural redhead colors without chemical modifications required – perfect for both dyed and natural redhead shades alike!

4. Keep It on Schedule

Natural or dyed red heads must maintain regular touch up appointments, whether natural or dyed. Kusero stresses this is key as red hair fades quickly; to maintain optimal color retention it’s wise to do touch-ups regularly as this will avoid fading, brassiness or any other potential problems with their locks.

Gurgov advises washing with lukewarm water and switching out your shampoo for one that is gentle but color-safe, as well as using heat protection products like Color Fresh Thermal Protection Spray to extend its longevity.

If you are not naturally redhead, consulting with a stylist to choose an appropriate shade is recommended to achieve optimal results. People with cool skin tones typically look best with warm red shades like copper and auburn; those with medium to olive skin tones might look better with darker, golden-tinged hues like golden auburns. Keep in mind that eye color also plays a factor; those with blue eyes would benefit most from copper or burgundy tones while those with green eyes might prefer deep auburn hues.

The Secret To A Perfect Red Head Color, Montreal Manicure
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